Everything’s Creepier in Texas

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

Texas joins Florida in being the creepiest and weirdest state by legalizing the ‘Creeper Shots’. Creeper Shots are photos that creepy dudes take of attractive women or the purpose of sexually pleasuring themselves. Creating not only a Spank Bank but a Spank Library! The justification for legalizing this law is that there’s no proof the photos are being used in a sexual manner. Well if that was then these dudes won’t need to hid in the bushes to take their photos, or lick their lips and giggle. Either they are taking these photos to masturbate with or to trap them in a pit or tie them to a railroad track. The easy fix to this is to this is to remember that these Creeper Shots do take the souls of the women. Now the argument can be made that the ‘soul’ is intangible but so are the sex lives of these pervs so I’m sure that’ll hold up in court.