Wasting Chicken

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

Recently, a trucker abandoned his truck with $80,000 worth of frozen chicken at Flying J gas station for a month. He was trying get more money from his employer and when they refused he decided to leave the truck and the merchandise to rot.

Firstly $80,000 worth of frozen chicken seems absurd! That’s more chicken than any town would ever need! $80,000 worth of chicken can feed the country of Bolivia for at least a year. Secondly, America is the only country that food would be used as a form of extortion. If this was another country, that chicken would’ve been delivered ahead of schedule, so the driver can focus his attention on burning that truck to the ground!

It also really shows how little these trucking corporations care about the products that they wouldn’t even considering negotiating with this guy! Not only has the truck been sent to the Truck Graveyard, but because of the rotting meat inside, scientist will be conducting experiments to maybe find some sort of cure or the new biological weapon! Folks, I’m pretty sure this is how “Maximum Overdrive” started.

Look, I’m all about getting the wages you deserve, but food shouldn’t be used as a tool to blackmail someone. For every $1000 of food that is wasted, Guy Ferie’s gets one inch longer and one octave louder. The take away from this is to use arson to get what you, because it’s way more effective and fun!