#Gamergate-Ruining Nerd Culture

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

Gamergate, the hashtag trend that sparked a movement of ethics in game journalism and evolved into gamers sending death and rape threats to prominent women in gaming. This completely comes out of left field. The traditional gamer is seen as the nerdy kid, with thick rim glasses, a mountain dew and sitting in their mom’s basement with 2 of their other nerdy friends. But there are definitely not seen as evil folk sending out death threats and misogonistic tweets and messages into the world.

All of this is just really bad press for the nerds out there! It’s one thing to harass women, which is awful in and of itself, but come on guys, it took years for that word to mean something positive. It used to mean that you were a outcast because of your smarts or a deep passion for something. Then it transformed into being something positive. Finally you weren’t getting a swirly because you’re really into Halo or the X-Men. Now it’s going to mean that you are really into something cool…oh yeah and hating women! Goddamnit we worked so hard and it’s all about to be undone in a matter of weeks. So much so that athletes, like former Minnesota Viking’s Kicker Chris Kluwe, want to use nerds as a football and kick a field goal with our chests…just like the old days.

Here’s the point Gamergate nerds, you should be nice to women and want to include good strong female characters in your games. The only strong female character that isn’t dressed in a bra with armor is the computer lady from Halo. And she’s not real. She’s an AI. Then you become like Joaquin Pheonix from ‘Her’ further proving all the weird things you heard about yourself in High School about banging your computer. You’ll find that if you are nice to women out there and use your public awkwardness to your advantage, eventually they will show you their boobs. Thats right you’ll actually get to see real unpixelated boobs in your face! Then you tell Chris Kluwe, “Take that! I don’t need biceps or kick prowess! I can get boobs in my mom’s basement with use of my kind words and my thumbs!