Pro Gun Folks Have Failed Us

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

Recently a few of my friends have had their cars accosted by deer jumping on the streets. Sure of them don’t mean to do it, after looking at the recent wave of twisted metal and insurance claims, I have think that these guys are doing it on purpose. Usually by this time their population is at a manageable rate that they know better to jump out on the highway while a car is barreling at unto 70 miles per hour. But now there’s an over abundance of them and they see a chance to take revenge on us. Sweet, and salt revenge, much like the jerky that is made from their ancestor’s hydes.

Really the people have to blame for is pro gun people and hunters. Over the years rising deer population can only mean one thing. Hunters are slacking on their jobs. They are meant to keep the population of these creatures down and assert human dominance on mother nature. Pro Gun people are always clamoring to have the right to use their weapons. Well now’s their chance. Maybe if they would pick up their ridiculously high powered weapons, and hide in the bushes around a freeway, and wait. Wait for their chance to fire as a deer hops the median and comes in the path of a brand new Jetta driven by a tiny 17 year old girl. You not only save the Jetta and the girl, but you can actually make the argument that guns save lives a reality.