2015 is Y2K

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

Fifteen years ago I was sitting on my parent’s couch at age 11 breathing a sigh of relief because Y2K didn’t happen. There was no technological shutdown that would cause airplanes to fall out of the skies, banks accounts to drop to zero or an intense apocalyptic nightmare that would pit man against him/herself for survival. The digital age went on only to get stronger and now it’s become so strong that nothing can stop. Nothing can the eventual Y2K that is about to come.

The Digital Era is no long about convenience. When the looming of threat of Y2K was a reality, the internet was a cherished luxury. Dial up was still popular and in my family we got an hour or two of internet a night between me and my sister. And we were happy about that. Now I spend an hour or two away from any sort of wifi device. Hell even when I sleep I check my emails or see who’s got that clever status update at 2am.

We are now enslaved to whims of technology. So much so that if we don’t get that instant gratification we lose our minds. On New Year’s Eve, I yelled at my iPad because it wasn’t loading a YouTube video fast enough, like it could hear me and will change for that. Like my iPad would say “Oh my bad, buddy. Let me kick it up a notch and try!” But instead I sat there and waited for 15 minutes to watch a 3 minute rant, like a jackass eating my words.

Fitting into the digital era with a custom app, or sleek website or information is a make it-or-break it factor for businesses. If you fall behind on web trends and don’t keep active on social media, you can be forget and lost in the ether of content that is the internet. If you’re taking photos of your lunch break, people don’t care about you. Who cares if you’re an insurance agency, we want to know if you think that Subway sandwich is Turkey-riffic! Not only that there is technology out there is can map an entire terrain digitally. So what’s stopping that technology to merge with other social medias and create another world where your digital self is king. Working to take over the real you, slowly but surely.

We put so much of ourselves online through social media that there is a digital version of us sitting right there. Right there for some sentient machine to grab hold and become you. That’s the real nightmare of Y2K! Machines that will become copies of every human out there. That’s where the Digital Age is heading. We thought Y2K was about the resetting of clocks, but no it was not! It was the beginning of the sentient machines rising from the depths of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and replacing you. Beware! Because now is the time that machines and the digital information can team up and do whatever they want. Wreck planes, delete bank accounts, delete your Xbox stats or even your Facebook page. And we all know in the Digital Age if you actually manage to legitimately delete your Facebook account, you will not exist.