The New Sex Ed

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

A new study says about 1 in 3 colleges dudes say that they would force a woman to have sex with them if they knew they wouldn’t get caught, but that number decreased when the word “rape” was used. This means that these guys don’t associate forcing women to have sex is rape. When I read this, I sighed so loud that I was kicked out of the coffee shop I was sitting in.

This is the case of how hyper-masculinity is tarnishing the reputation of real men everywhere. Real men that understand that life is not defined by just having sex with the hot girl at the party. If she wasn’t interested in you 2 hours ago when you did a keg stand, why would she be interested in you when you do another keg stand! And she’s definitely not interested in how many things in the room you can bench…without a spotter.

The reason why this standard has been set is because of how these guys were raised; to be a ‘Man’s Man’. If you really think about it, a “Man’s Man” that you’re probably gay. The guys that are okay with forcing women to have sex with them, whether they use the word “rape” or not, are pretty aggressive towards women. Probably because they haven’t come out of the closet. Claiming that these women don’t understand them. They treat women like objects but their bros like family…because they want to take their bro to candlelight dinner at the gym.

But that’s only part of the problem. The real problem lies in education. These dudes haven’t been educated and they don’t have the brain power to know what they are doing is wrong. The problem lies in the fact that sex ed doesn’t talk about being a healthy, committed relationship where everyone can enjoy sex on each of the partner’s terms, but rather focuses on the horrific diseases that one can contract from sex. All it does now is strike fear deep in the recesses of the minds of every teen and college student to ensure they don’t ever have sex and are just these repressed rage balls that eventually explode at worst possible time! Puritanism is one of the biggest problems that leads to rape culture.

The best way to educate these dudes is to speak their language, by using porn as teaching tool. Not the porn that is seen today, where things are titled “Big Boobed Lady Bangs Man with Tatoos and a Pony Tail”. But the old school porn that I started watching when I was 13. The ones that were 48 minutes and you wouldn’t get to sex till like minute 28. There was a plot line with a dialogue, and the girl just didn’t a let dude to put his penis inside her for no reason. He brought her pizza or fixed up her sink or her cable and she had some troubles they talked about things and then…woah! Did her boob pop out of her dress? Or did his pants explode? Yes, yes they did. But more importantly these 2 people trusted each and then decided we should bang for the next 20 minutes and hi-five at the end. Except for the hi-five that’s much better than brining up gonorreha or chalamydia and saying those are the end results to sex. And if these 1 in 3 college dudes are still not fully on board, you can replace the lady with a dude so it’s more familiar to these ‘Man’s Men’s’ fantasy of that candlelight dinner with your bro.

The alternative to this is to wear a chastity belt, but don’t worry; it’ll be a weighted chastity belt.