FEATURING at the Joke Joint Comedy Club with Stewart Huff

Comedian Krish Mohan-Announcing a New Show

Hey St. Paul peeps,

I will be at the Joke Joint Comedy Club with Stewart Huff from March 5-7 for 5 amazing shows! I got the opportunity to meet and feature for Stewart back in November at WVU and got to see one of the best hours of comedy I’ve ever seen. Stewart is easily one of the best working comedians on the road and I’m thrilled to be working with him. He’s going to be putting out a new CD this year and last 2 CDs are amazing! He’s extremely prolific and great guy to hang out with and chat with after the show!

I’m also excited to be back in St. Paul. The last time I was there was almost 2 years ago and got to see my good friend Sid! I did a guest spot at the Joke Joint and had a blast! The one thing I didn’t enjoy too much was the weather. It didn’t snow, but the it did get into the negatives. I can do without that. But St. Paul has one of the best ice cream places on the planet, and if you know anything about me, I’ve got quiet the sweet tooth.

So if you live in and around the Twin Cities, make your way out to these shows and get your tickets now! Because these are not shows you are going to want to miss!