Bobby Jindal and the Disdain for American Education

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

Louisiana Governor, Bobby Jindal has claimed that education is a fundamental pillar of Democracy. But Jindal just cut $300 million in higher education funds in Louisiana! Proving once and for all that he’s the President of hypocrisy. Bobby Jindal is also a strong candidate for Presidency in 2016. His plan to win seems to be to make America dumb so they vote for him. Rather than funding education, he would rather fund another Mardi Gras to make people forget exactly how much of the budget he’s slashed.

Bobby Jindal-Promising more Mardi Gras in 2016

Jindal is being criticized by both sides, especially since his state has the cut higher education funding the most. Critics are saying that if these cuts continue will set back American education back generations.

Bobby Jindal-Bringing Back the Baby Boomer Mindset in 2016.

It’s time Jindal to get some student loans go back to school and learn what the words ‘fundamental’ and ‘pillar’ means. But unfortunately he won’t be able to because he’s cut the funding for those words as well.

Bobby Jindal-Vote for Him and get a free Dictionary.