Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

The Religious Freedom Reform Act in Indiana has officially become the discrimination bill. This new bill allows any business or establishment to refuse service to anyone that doesn’t agree with their religious beliefs. Well that’s good, I’m glad there’s a law that works on third grade ideologies.

You don’t like blue? Then you can’t come over my house for cookies!

Basically if your religion believes homosexuals are the enemy trying to spread their Gay Agenda by getting a Latte or a Pepperoni Pizza, that business has the right to say ’No thank you’ to your money and send you on your way.  This bill was supposed to be the answer to any persecution towards religions in this country. But the question is when the hell has religion been persecuted in this country? Religion has had the freedom to say, do and build anything they want! Religion has determined who was president, how much money a school got and even the type of robes you get to wear. There are churches, synagogues, mosques and temples all over this great nation, but a Gay Club has to been hidden so the protestors have a challenge finding the place for their protests.

The most astonishing part about this bill is assuming God cares about who you serve at your coffee shop. Like he or she is up there going “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is that a queer in getting Colombia’s best? How dare you! Get them out or I will be sending solar flares your way!” God could care less whether you second rate, bigoted coffee shop or pizza shop decides to server against the enemy. God is way too busy creating another gorgeous nebula and a new galaxy where they’ve found how to turn light into energy to care whether a member of the LGBT community got your non fair trade, non organic crap coffee or pizza. Bigotry shouldn’t be the special on the menu.

As a business strategy, this doesn’t really pan out. This is getting rid of a lot of your audience. Not just the LGBT community but the masses and masses of people that support them. This would be like if U2 boycotted every stadium that had a corporate connection. They would’ve probably forced an album into your computer way sooner if that happened. Perhaps this bill isn’t so bad, considering that these business that discriminate will eventually turn into ghost towns and go under. Then maybe a more tolerant business can come in their place and save the day with their fair trade coffee and stuffed crust pizza of tolerance!