Sue Your Government

Commentary by Comedian Krish Mohan

In a 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court just made it easier to sue your government based on 2 cases. These cases were filed under the Federal Claims Tort Act (FCTA) which gives you a strict time frame as to when you can file a case against a government. The Supreme Court says that the plaintiff can now extend their time frame if they a good reason.

The first is the case of Kwai Fun Wong who was strip searched in Oregon after the U.S. government had decided she was entering the country illegally. Wong is a British Citizen and a minister at the Wu-Wei Tein Tao Association , and after spending time in prison, she was deported. She was in Oregon with Visitor’s Visa to attend the funeral of another minister.

Detaining a British citizen after 1776 is faux pas, and most countries are going to tell you to get over it. France got over their beef with Britain and now they are basically besties! On top of that she was a minister of a non profit religious group, which is like a double whammy of racial profiling. “We don’t get what your beliefs are, so we’re going to have to look at your underwear. Maybe it’s like the Mormonism, we can’t figure it out!

The second case comes from the son of Anthony Booth who was killed in an accident that was believed to be caused by a Median that was defective.

The FCTA says you have 2 years to sue and 6 months to file your lawsuit after the agency makes a decision. Both these cases deserved an extension considering one was for a death and other an unwarranted deportation. Cases like this need to get their justice on the wrongfulness of Government agencies and now finally they can! This make government officials think twice before profiling someone, or building unsatisfactory material or wearing sunglasses indoors to look tough.