TransContinental Tour with Liss Victory

Comedian Krish Mohan-Announcing a New Show

This month, I’m headed cross country on tour with musician and my lady, Liss Victory! The tour will feature shows that have a variety of entertainment from music, stand up comedy to burlesque and more! We are partnering up with some local acts in several cities and making our way South and then West and back! Check out the schedule for our shows below and be sure to keep checking back for updates to our dates.

1/5: Cleveland, OH. 5 O’ Clock Lounge with Tim Cornett & John Earl Brassfeild. Donations Accepted.

1/6: Columbus, OH. OddTV at Bossy Grrls Pin Up Point. Donations Accepted.

1/7: Cincinnati, OH. DaVida House on Eden with Vincent Holliday and Brittany Gillstrap. Donations Accepted.

1/8: Ft. Wayne, IN. The Brass Rail with Orange Opera, Mickyle & Isaiah Gray. Presented by Sioree. $6. PRESS!

1/9. Louisville, KY. The Bard’s Town Theater Lounge with Kent Carney, Grave Slave & Mandee McKelvey. $10. PRESS!

1/15. New Orleans, LA. Neutral Ground Coffeehouse with Isaac Kozell. Donations Accepted.

1/19. Houston, TX. Super Happy Fun Land with Band of Gypsy, Galaxy Hotel and Gabe Bravo. $7.

1/20: Austin TX. Kick Butt Coffee with Mikey Swenson. Donations accepted and appreciated.

1/25: Phoenix, AZ. Fiddler’s Dream. $5

1/30: Albuquerque, NM. The Speakeasy with Quietly Kept and Brad Einstein. $5

2/1: Denton, TX. Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios with Alexandra Tayara, Nick Fields and Matt Solomon. $5 (21 +)/$7 (under 21) Presented by Denton Comedy Collective.

2/3: Memphis, TN. Midtown Crossing Grille with Katrina Coleman, Benny Elbows and Rusty Pieces.

2/4: Dayton OH. Spirited Goat Coffee House with Luke Capasso. Donation Accepted.

2/6. Pittsburgh, PA. Hambone’s Restaurant with Midge Crickett, Zach Funk and Ian Insect. $5.

2/7. Bedford, PA. Locality with Tommy Fix. $5.

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