Photo City Improv and Comedy Club in Rochester is Wonderful!

Stand Up Comedy from Comedian Krish Mohan

Tucked away behind a Bar-be-que restaurant in a quiet neighborhood of Rochester NY is a gem of a room for comedy! The Photo City Improv & Comedy Club is a gorgeous room that I got perform & headline in back in October of 2015! The room itself is a beauty. A wide stage with orange curtains and a seating that creates a intimacy for a room that seats over 200 people. The ceiling has 6 chandeliers! 6 of them! 1 is too much for me! I’m not that fancy but you have to marvel at the detail and time it took to create every single part of those chandeliers! It’s a venue that has an amazing sound. I record all my sets on my phone to review my material and I was blow away at how good the acoustics in the room was!

The crowd was a bit light for the weekend. But they’re a new club and they did a good bit to promote the show and get some folks out! The first show I felt like the material went okay. I wasn’t as tight as I would’ve like to be. But the crowd was very much into it and ready to laugh! The second show was bigger and this was an incredibly fun show. The crowd was there to laugh but they definitely made me earn each laugh I got. That kept me at the top of my game. Making sure that I delivering and performing each piece to the best of my ability and pushing myself to write on stage and be in moment. I got a really great response on the material from the crowd, which definitely felt great.

The staff at the Photo City Improv & Comedy Club were absolute darlings! They made sure the comedians were well taken care of the show went without a hitch. This was first official Comedy Club I’ve headlined at and I am very excited that it was at a place this stellar! The material has evolved since those shows but I look forward to come back to the club! If you haven’t seen a show there yet, go! You won’t regret it. It surrounded by very talented folks and they’re doing some great programming! This is a place where you can see comedy grow at it’s finest!