How Not To Fit In: Live CD Recording!

Comedian Krish Mohan-Announcing a New Show

Over the course of the last year and a half I’ve been working on the material that I’ve been touring with over the course of the year. This technically all started with Fork Full of Noodles which led to the way I changed the writing of my stand-up. This was then taken up a notch by seeing Stewart Huff live and my friendship with him.

*Side note, go see Stewart any chance you get because he’s on another level and one of the best comedians in the country!*

As the material started to come together, I started adding it into the act. The first time I did this material in a long set was when I was in Knoxville for the first time at a bar called Carleo’s. Then I started to really get into the material when I was on tour with Stewart and when he helped me get into IndyFringe. He pointed that it had a theme throughout the whole thing that I can use. This was a huge discovery and which added focus to how I wanted to approach stand up!

So now its come down to the time that I record this thing. I feel really good about the material. I’m enjoying the performing the material and I feel it getting better every time. I like working not the performance aspect of it as the time gets closer. I’m recording the album in 4 different venues, in 4 different cities! I’m recording audio and video. So if you’re in Frderick, Baltimore, Harrisburg and/or Pittsburgh. Come check it out! The dates for the show are below!

5/22: The Cellar Door in Frederick, MD. 7pm. Presented by Wrecked ‘Em Comedy. Get your tickets online. $5

5/26: Zissimo’s in Baltimore, MD. 9pm. Presented by Charm City Comedy Project. $5. Featuring  Mike Moran & Hosted by Jimmy Blair. Get your tickets now & join the conversation.

5/27: Harrisburg Improv Theater in Harrisburg, PA. 9pm. $5. Featuring Liz Curtis & Hosted by Brendan Krick. Get your tickets now & join the conversation.

5/28: Hambone’s Restaurant in Pittsburgh PA. 8:30pm. $10. Featuring Derek Minto & Hosted by Garrett Titlebaum. Get your tickets now & join the conversation.

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