How Not To Fit In Tour returns to the Midwest!

Comedian Krish Mohan-Announcing a New Show

I’m excited to hit the road again in June and head into the Midwest! This will be first tour after my album recording at the end of May. So I’m going to be starting to work on some newer material. I know where the next hour is going to be about, but I don’t where it’s going to go! I’m coming to Indianapolis, Champaign, Akron, Columbus and Muncie & Chicago! So check out the schedule below and I hope to see you at some shows.

6/3: Comedy Grinder at First Church of Cannabis in Indianapolis. 8pm

6/8: C-U Comedy Showcase at the Soma Ultralounge in Champaign IL. 8pm.

6/9: How Not To Fit at the Hive Mind in Akron OH. 8pm. $5 donations.

6/10: Whiskey Bear Comedy‘s To Hell With Good Intentions at Broken Records & Beehives in Columbus OH. 7:30pm

6/11: How Not To Fit In at the HardHome in Muncie IN. 7pm

6/12: Shithole! Somewhere in Chicago!

6/13: FEATURING on 100 Proof Comedy at CsZ Chicago. 8pm. $10

6/14: Potential Boyfriends at MCL Chicago & the Joke Box at the Joynt. 8pm.

6/26: How Not To Fit In at The Spot Tavern in Lafayette, IN. 8pm. $7

6/29: How Not To Fit In at Bear’s Place in Bloomington IN. 8pm. $5

7/1: How Not To Fit In at Spirited Goat Coffeehouse in Yellow Springs, OH. 8pm. $5 donation.

7/2: Comedy At the White Horse. 8pm. Goshen, IN

I hope to see some folks out to these show!