In Response To Trump’s America


There was a silence in this country on Wednesday morning. After a night of disbelief and screaming “Noooo” at the TV reporting that Donald J. Trump was winning the election. Unfortunately we can all scream ‘No’ as much as we want, a rapist like him doesn’t really care. About 49% country voted for Trump.

This election was so polarized it broke this country into so many different factions. It used to be easy. If you’re conservative you hated the liberals, if you’re atheist you hated the religious, if you were a feminist you hated everyone with a penis. But this time around the liberals are mad the progressives not fully supporting Hillary. Republicans are mad at their party for supporting a xenophobe. A majority of people are mad at protestors for creating traffic problems in the name of equality and getting money out of politics! We’re a shattered mirror and we’re about have not just 7 years of bad luck, but 8…minimum!

But the blame is being thrown around like the ’N-word’ at a Klan rally. A lot people are blaming 3rd party voters. Claiming it’s 2000 all over again! That argument hasn’t really had too much footing in my eyes. First off there 2 different third party candidates and in some states up to 3 or 4. Besides aren’t we missing the point? 16 years ago there was an influential percentage of people in this country that were clamoring for options in the political system! 16 years later the only thing we’ve managed do is vilify and discount them, much like the Establishment and the Media tells us to. Making a majority of the country sheep. Sheep that counted themselves every night to stay asleep.

They call it a Protest vote. And that’s what some people did. Protest just to flip the bird to both candidates. Contrarians. But some of these people were trying to get a the message out there to have more voices included in an election. Now the thing is most of these people that voted 3rd Party were definitely not going to vote for Hillary or Donald if they were only candidate on the ticket! They would’ve just not voted. Which would’ve been worse, but it wouldn’t have prevented anyone from screaming. So the number of people that voted 3rd party because they legitimately thought it was better option but would’ve voted Hillary if she was the only option wouldn’t have helped her numbers.

The night of the election I was performing in Pensacola. After my show I had a young man walk up to me and say “I liked what you had to say but it just reminded me that I’m a piece of shit” which is the opposite reaction I want people to get after my hour. It turns out he had voted for Trump. I asked him why and after some reluctance he explained why. He was a Bernie supporter and felt betrayed. He knows the evil that Hillary is. He thinks Trump is a joke and believes that none of his big ticket policies will get approved by Congress. So he voted for the joke because he couldn’t trust the evil he knew.

Now I know a lot of us think that Trump is a joke. And he is…but his supporters aren’t. Neither is his choice of VP. Mike Pence is an anti science, anti woman, anti LGBTQ, anti non-Jesus based religion, anti everything that’s not a white male Christian. Sure that might seem like a generalization of a man that looks like the Emperor of Star Wars before his facial restructuring, but you can see what he stands for. Pence will be Trump’s Cheney and pull the strings to unravel the gorgeous sweater of progress we’ve started to make over the last 8 years.

This young man in Pensacola is not a supporter of Trump, but proves a different point. The hate that has been bred for both these candidates makes people take a stand against them even if it harms them and those around them just show to spite that candidate! That’s like having a tattoo of the finger on your chest as you vote the opposition. I’m sure he’s not the only one. My response to him was that his policies might not come to reality but his supporters are going be galvanized in their old ideologies and their hatred those different from them. They feel like they can do what they want without any accountability, because the leader of this country is a brash, unapologetic, history revisin’ prick that spews arrogance and hypocrisy to protect his own small frail psyche.

I don’t look to argue with opposing viewpoints. I want to try to understand why you believe it and why a challenge to it so devastating. That’s why I try to talk to Trump supporters. I got trolled the day of election on one of my videos about keeping the fight for progress going regardless of the victor. This man kept saying Crooked Clinton was a liar and criminal but Donald was the perfect messiah that will bring the people together. To be fair he’s not wrong. Donald will bring people together by getting rid of those that oppose his viewpoints of xenophobia, racism, mysogny and don’t feel his ego. Unity through Eugenics and Dystopia! Sounds cheerful. This guy’s rationale for supporting Trump’s idea of “equality” was turn the world into a grainy old Black and White film and we’ll just fine.

I don’t argue with these people because they have a voice that needs to be heard too. And if their voice is backwards and mongers hate & fear then the least I can do is try and educate them instead of telling them to ‘Shut their face holes’ which is what a portion of progressives have been doing. We treated them the same way they treated us and we’re caught in a vicious cycle going no where. We’re like a tire stuck in the mud. 

It’s the Back Fire effect. The real Trump supporters are going to double down on their support of him when you lay out the facts of his atrocious behavior to the table. And the ones that are the most dangerous are the ones that believe by restricting immigrants and marginalizing a group of people they are helping them. That they are doing good by creating a divide. Unfortunately there’s no reasoning with those folks. All that means is that they can’t come to terms with that they’ve really done.

I have to think what it’s like to be both Donald and Hillary. To be the two most hated people in the country. Half the country thinks you’re a lyin’ cheatin’ whore! Half the nation wants your head on a platter. Half the nation thinks you dress too similar. Man, that’s gotta be tough on your self esteem. I guess that’s why you wall around your frail ego if you’re Trump. And if you’re Hillary, you drone bomb feelings out your heart.

Thursday morning I woke up to an image of a swastika with the words ‘Make America White Again’ being shared all my friends on Facebook. Videos of college students protesting the President Elect! Female comedians being treated like they were 5 on social media posts. Images of kids in Black Face, which shows some dedication to bigotry. To put that much shoe polish on your face and clog up your pores just to show black people what you think. Damn. I heard stories of Muslims being reminded their time was up. All shards of a broken mirror.

We were just a cracked mirror. Now it’s broken. The different shards reflecting more ugly truths about this country that we’re not ready to take accountability for. The corruption we let run rampant by saying ‘Don’t be political’. The hateful, racist rhetoric we spewed and excused as a joke. The sexist nonsense we let slide by calling it ‘Locker Room Talk’. Now we have to reflect on that and try to pick up the pieces. We’re going to get cut, a bunch of time, but we can put that mirror back together and this time we can try to hang it up a few more screws to the wall and in a safer place. And when it cracks again, we try to seal up those cracks.

We can try to learn from our mistakes in our history.

And we spent one morning in silence.