Approaching Happiness at FringeArts Festival in Philly!


I’m very excited to be coming back to Philly for the FringeArts Festival! My full hour of comedy, “Approaching Happiness” will be at the Art Church of West Philadelphia. There’s an obvious “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” joke in there, but I’m not gonna make it. But my hour of comedy is all about breaking stigmas around mental illnesses and various other societal issues and norms! You can get your tickets from the FringeArts website or HERE! Check out the show dates below and I hope to see you there!

  • September 7 at 9pm
  • September 8 at 6pm
  • September 9 at 6pm
  • September 13 at 8pm
  • September 14 at 6pm
  • September 15 at 8pm