Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-161-The Public Health Issue of Capitalism


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Over time Capitalism has become unstable and inefficient with the existence of poverty, greed and scapegoating! Here’s how and why it’s cannibalizing itself!

Written & Edited by Krish Mohan
Videography by Krish Mohan
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Winners and losers. Our current president is very concerned with those things. Someone should tell him that running a country isn’t like running a race. Although some of his die-hard supporters might say it’s exactly like a NASCAR race.

But if you look at the current state of capitalism this administration is a part of, it’s almost exactly like NASCAR. We just go around in circles, burning fossil fuels, while those in the stands drink beer to sedate themselves with pride that this cycle is doing something great for them. And eventually there’s a fiery crash where we bail out of the car and get it back on the road instead of thinking we should probably slow down a little bit and think about what we’re all racing around in a circle for anyway.

This version of Capitalism, the one which we currently practice, runs on consumerism, competition and greed. According to Trump, the rich should run this country because they are rich. And they know how to make us rich. But knowing that information and sharing it with others are two completely different things. And it’s proof that greed is what really runs this nation. Like beer and redundancy run the popularity of NASCAR.

Rich people don’t want make other people rich. They want to hoard all the riches for themselves. And fans of Duck Tales will remember that all those hoarded riches don’t get circulated into the economy. It’s used as an ineffective swimming pool. Which is a dick move to the poor people who could use those riches to feed themselves or have affordable medicine & technologies to better their lives, or even save them.

The conservative argument is to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, work hard, and do better than the person next to you. Then, you’ll get the riches! Well, what if you don’t even have boots? Where do we go from there? Capitalism sold all the affordable boots. And the highest bidder is selling each part of the boot at a high mark up to people who don’t even need boots!

“But Krish, the rich people who bought those boots are creating jobs and helping people earn money so they can buy those bootstraps!”

I don’t think so. Jobs aren’t created by the rich, they’re created by a cycle of consumerism. This was addressed by Nick Hanauer’s banned TED Talk. It’s basically supply and demand. We’ve been demanding better jobs with better pay, and the rich have not supplied us with anything except excuses and distractions.

The rich aren’t saying, “Hey guys, we’re gonna go ahead and fire everyone and move the factory and all the jobs to Mexico. See, we like our money and we’d like to keep it, so we can count it obsessively to make sure it’s all there! And Mexico is desperate for jobs so we don’t have to pay them much! And what about you guys? Well I hear McDonald’s is probably hiring. Ok, I gotta go, it’s been like 6 minutes since I counted my money last and it gets lonely without me!”

Instead, the rich just say “Look at how shiny this thing is!!” Then they point in the other direction and run away snickering like a cartoon villain.

And because rich people just want to stay rich, and continue to get richer they don’t pay taxes. And when they are told to pay taxes, that’s when we find out they’re hiding their money to evade those taxes. This was addressed on Democracy Now by Frederick Obermaier.

And they’re hiding that money in gorgeous islands where people go for vacation. Which is a dick move too! Most middle class folks can’t afford a vacation to a Caribbean island. They’re more likely to settle for Calcutta, Ohio. Meanwhile, the ultra rich corporatocracy’s money gets a vacation! Just $100 bills tanning on the beach, drinking Mojitos and paying for it with single dollar bills. Which is awful because that means classism exists even for inanimate objects like the dollar bill.

And this blatant tax evasion and destruction of jobs proves the rich are hoarding their money like a NASCAR enthusiast hoards NASCAR commemorative plates. It just feels excessive and unnecessary! And its proof that consumerism a key factor in Capitalism! Peter Joseph talks about this in his interview with Abbi Martin on Empire Files.

That’s why NASCAR is so good at Capitalism. It’s a cyclical reminder to buy more shit. We see a car with “Tide” written on it we’re probably going to get more laundry detergent, even though we only own one shirt and no pants or food. We would know when the Deep State starts getting desperate when they are taking up ad space on NASCAR. When the “Fuck Venezuela” car comes out you know that’s some desperate propaganda!

The tech industry is run on consumerism for a product that today is very necessary. But 25 years ago, having a car phone was a ludicrous idea! We are heading to a time where people won’t be able to get into a car without a phone. Driving isn’t for peasants and serfs!

But the problem comes when we can’t afford some of the necessary technology because the rich haven’t really shared the wealth. A lot of Americans work 2 jobs to put food table. And according to Bootstraps Ideology those people should be the real billionaires. But the work a day folks can’t think about consumerism, let alone participate in it. (Richard Wolff Clip 1 5:42-6:05)

But fear not citizens! The rich have created credit. Dr. Richard Wolff addresses how the corporations invented credit to ensure that we could still buy things whether we had the money for it or not! You can borrow money from the banks to participate in consumerism. Another aspect that Peter Joseph of the Zeitgeist Movement brought up on Empire Files. So the banks create money and then sell it to you with interest!

Wait, they’re selling money?! We’ve put on a price tag on the dollar bill & the math isn’t adding up. We would know this if we were better at math and not proud of our ignorance. I’d tell you how far down the list America ranks in education, but we don’t know because that’s how bad at math we are! They’re selling the very thing this economy is running on! Selling money is why NASCAR makes sense to people. It’s like getting caught in a time loop!

This is proof that the economy is run by imagination! And society says imagination is only for kids! And I really wish kids invented more shit about the economy because then it would be more fun. Trading video-game cartridges or juice boxes instead of stocks, bonds and tips on crushing the spirit of poor people.

And the credit system doesn’t even make sense. You have better credit the more you’re in debt! Isn’t the point to be out of debt so you can buy better shit and then go back into debt? No. It’s to keep you in a constant loop of debt. It’s like the golf points loop of debt! There’s no security either. When you use your debit card, you need to put your pin, eyeball scan and spit test. When you use credit, you can squiggle your a line and that’s close enough to your name! If your information and card has been stolen, who really cares as long as the robber is going to spend it on things they and you don’t need!

And this debt is what keeps the economy running! A negative balance for the average working class citizen means great capital gains for the rich that wants all of the money, which is based in…nothing. Which means the rich are convincing us middle and lower classes that we need to be in debt to get all the riches for absolutely nothing. I’d say we’re competing for peanuts for that’s a thing based in reality! Our economics is not!

And since our economy is based on nothing, it makes a lot of sense why churches get roped into capitalistic system. Both religion and capitalism say a bunch of nice things to help people, but, in reality, they are run by something imaginary, which gets all the credit. The invisible hand of the free market might as well be called God with how many people have died or been screwed in its name. And the 2 Party System is certainly worshipping it.

Debt is incredibly important to keep Capitalism running! Because it justifies the greed. It’s putting a dollar sign on everything. Education has a dollar sign on it and a red mark that follows you to your grave and beyond. Sallie Mae is working on a way to grab money from the dead because student loans will follow you to the afterlife. Hell, the funeral industry is epitome of putting a dollar sign on death. We’re all just walking currency to Capitalists.

We are kept nicely distracted from all of this. This is why when jobs disappear and instead of blaming it on the Capitalist Rich person that is trying to turn over a buck on the back of poor people elsewhere, we blame immigrants, amongst other things. We are reminded of by Economist Richard Wolff on Abby Martin!

Immigrants are blamed because the desperate working class is told they’re cutting in line. They’re entering the race with an advantage. They stole your job. They came into your house at night and whilst you slept your slumber of ignorance. They took your ID card and the keys to your Chevy! And that Chevy was your ticket into NASCAR! And even IF that was true, the corporatocracy doesn’t care, as long they buy shit with the money they made from the stolen job!

There is an Exodus of Capitalists from where capitalism was invented. They are going to nations where there are more people, but less wealth and fewer opportunities. Then, the Capitalists come in create the opportunity for less. This starts this cycle all over again! So eventually the Capitalists believe they can bring jobs back to the country that created Capitalism to feed the desperate people they abandoned before. But the world has progressed and we’re shifting the way we work and what it means to work, so this cycle doesn’t work.

It’s like your ex-girlfriend, who crushed your heart calls you and says “I love you. I’m not going to change or learn from the mistakes we made in our relationship and still treat just as bad as before. I’ll also probably insult your mother and tell you your best friend is a misogynistic man-whore! Wanna fuck?” NO! No Darlene, I do not! I blocked you and your number! Stop getting burner phones to convince a bad idea is a good one!

Then the Capitalists use the sensationalist propaganda machines, AKA mainstream media to announce the scapegoats of technology, women, immigrants and the chupacabra. And then still push consumerism and credit to keep their Capitalist Masters in the race. This means that we never got rid of slavery, we just redefined and expanded it. Which is why we don’t progress as a society, but keep running on the treadmill of NASCAR

But this is the desperation that is created by the greed of First World Capitalism. And now rampant Capitalism has become a Public Health Issue. The idea is people working 2 jobs should be able to rise to top if Capitalism worked the way it should, but because of greed and deregulation it’s that’s not the case. The greed and deregulations of things like insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, the banks and corporate entities, more people aren’t able to afford healthcare or proper food and it’s literally killing people. If you kill the people on the stands of watching NASCAR who will buy your cyclical advertised propaganda?

And this propaganda is what keeps us blind to the state of Capitalistic Classism that exists in most rich countries. But the fact that there is poverty anywhere is the inherent flaw of Capitalism. Once again we go to Peter Joseph’s interview with Abby Martin about how the existence of poverty in Capitalism proves it’s inefficiencies. Capitalism that creates class inequalities is inefficient when you make shit that nobody can buy! Creating this system is like a snake eating itself and shitting itself out to only eat itself again! It’s like NASCAR, crashing a car and fixing it to get a new person to drive it, so we can keep the race going. And as long as human beings want to keep having babies, there will always be a supply of people to be added to the never ending race!

The American Dream is that everyone can be rich. Well if everyone is rich, then nobody is rich. We’re all in the middle. And this is creating a lot of pressure for people to work and be rich rather than work and be happy. The advertisement of the American Dream is linking happiness with money and since Capitalism doesn’t make wealth for the consumers of Middle Class, we’re stressed out and the have money related health problems. Which means Capitalism is a disease and sadly Big Pharma doesn’t have a pill to cure us of it, because they are also a symptom of the disease.

But all these things are done because these Capitalists are desperate to keep their riches and their status and their power. In a changing world where poverty is created by greed-based Capitalism, people are forced to lean on each other and work together to survive. Which means the consumers will eventually control the market and the wealth of the wealthy will taken away by their own greed. The cannibalistic nature of this system means they will run out of supply and demand for sake of having all their imaginary currencies.

Through the advertising of America we are told to do less work for more money. More you’re in demand, the higher cost of your supply. But that’s the opposite of what Supply and Demand is really about. The supply should be controlled by the demand. The more in demand it is, the lower the cost of the supply should be. Then the supplier makes money and the demanders actually have what they want. It’s the only way Capitalism can survive, by making friends Socialism. If not Capitalism will continue to cannibalize itself and there’s no money in eating yourself. That’s not what winners do. That’s a loss for everyone involved!