Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-162-Universal Basic Labor

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The way work has been for survival, but with Universal Basic Income, we can transform the way we work!

Written & Edited by Krish Mohan
Videography by Krish Mohan
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Necessity is the mother of invention. At the moment, Capitalism, fueled by greed, creates poverty & scarcity to get inventions it can profit from. It’s why daydreaming at office jobs has increased by 95% in the past decade! Capitalists believe that if they put economic pressure on us pleabs, we will solve all the problems they created. Have some personal responsibility! Hell at this point we’d take even 1% of personal responsibility!

With the cycle of poverty and debt that Capitalism traps people in like a fat spider that traps…other…spiders, there aren’t too many people who can throw their wallets into the consumerist rat race. But some Capitalists see the damage that is created and are pushing for Universal Basic Income. Capitalists like Tesla’s Elon Musk and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have pushed for UBI over the last few months. But Facebook actor, Jesse Eisenberg has not made any remarks about Universal Basic Income. Probably because he’s not that much of a character actor.

First let’s talk about what Universal Basic Income is. I’ve talked about in 2 different videos (which you can find HERE & HERE), but I’ll give you guys a quick recap. UBI, as the cool kids call it, is a viable solution to a progressing labor force and a cure to greed based & cannibalistic Capitalism. It’s giving citizens a second leg up financially to cover essential needs like rent and food. It revitalizes the Middle Class and puts the economy back in the hands of the consumer instead of the billionaires who own the economy, poverty and debt.

Now some people wrap this with welfare and say this is just handouts. Now I’d agree with that if the Capitalists don’t hoard their wealth and ensure it doesn’t get recirculated into the economy. I’d agree with it if we bailed out the citizens, instead of the banks in a moment of financial crisis. I’d agree with that if homeless people didn’t ask for more than ONE DOLLAR to feed themselves or sometimes get drugs. But even then a dollar can’t get you half a sandwich, let alone a hit of heroin. Let’s be clear, UBI isn’t a handout, it’s balancing the scales.

So why are some of the big titans of Capitalism pushing for Universal Basic Income if it’ll mean that they can’t hoard their wealth? First of all, most billionaires don’t spend more than the average American. Entrepreneur Nick Hanauer talked about this in his banned TED Talk! Sure some of them would get star studded pants, but they still have to put them on one leg at a time…or they get their butler to put their pants on one leg at a time. But they’re not buying extra pants, so there’s no extra income to flood the economy. So this money could be reallocated to we the people.

The other reason is related to the future of labor. Capitalists like Zuckerberg and Musk see that automation is the future of the labor force. Robots WILL be stealing your jobs. And eventually it’ll be Robot Mexicans, which is the fear of every conservative Texan conspiracy theorist! And automation is already here. Dr. Richard Wolff breaks this idea down on his appearance on Abby Martin’s show, Empire Files.

Grocery stores have had self serve checkout lines for over a decade. That’s eventually going to be taken over by a robot, because consumer hands are too delicate to scan a barcode. Hell the alarm clock has automated the sunrise. Chickens were pissed when they were put out of their jobs. But they then found a new purpose…food. Which I’ll admit is a fear that we all have. When are we going to become food? Is soylent green the next step after automation!? No. The creation of a Tesla perfume just called ‘Musk’ is.

Now there are some people that say automation’s replacement of human workers is far from becoming a reality, such as Conservative Radio Host, Ben Shapiro. Everyone put down the pitchforks and mace, let’s see what he has to say. Now, I do like Ben Shapiro, even though I don’t always agree with him. But this issue he brings up is valid. But computer’s didn’t replace human beings from typing, they replaced the typewriter, which has about 15% less feelings than the average human.

When the robots and algorithms replace typing…which if you count voice recognition technology, they are…then the typists, secretaries and fans of pen and paper are going to need something to do. But if their passion wasn’t typing, these folks need something to do. And working a job is something to do, it’s necessary. But if necessity is the mother of invention, these folks will figure out what their passion is and if they have a financial buffer to help them with that we might start progressing as a society.

At this point, work is a necessary distraction. The labor force is about survival instead of producing something meaningful. UBI gives people an opportunity to go back to thinking about how to better each other’s lives, create more things and actually progress as a society. Instead of funding wars, scapegoating and supporting modern day gladiator games!

At this point the only the only place human beings are creating and inventing something is on late night infomercials. Selling crap to insomniacs for 3 easy payments of $19.95 – with a free gift! Call now to keep yourself distracted from your true purpose. I think the world has enough tape that can temporarily fix our problems. Also we’ve got duct tape. And that fixed literally everything.

UBI would veer us away from the argument about minimum hourly wage and toward the actual meaning of the work. Right now an extra hour of work at $15/hour can mean additional $15k for those at the top, but only $15 for the worker. Michael Salby addresses this inequality for of work on Big Think. That’s yet another equation that doesn’t fully add up. The invisible hand of the free market is also the invisible variable to fuck over the average worker.

Work shouldn’t just be something you do to survive. It should mean something to you. Right now there are a lot of people doing a job they hate because it means nothing to them except survival. How many of us sit at an office job staring at the clock to hit 5pm so we can go home to work on the hobby that we actually have passion for? What if we can utilize our hobbies as a tool for survival?

And UBI in tandem with automation will help us get there. And we can’t wait to till we’ve replaced typists, fast food workers, factory workers and so on, we have to put these systems in place before it’s too late! Before we’re enslaved to greed AND the Robots. If we don’t think about implementing UBI we’re headed right to the Robot Apocalypse and nobody wants to live the nightmare of the Terminator franchise.

And for those that complain that this will create a bunch of people succling at the teets of the government, maybe those folks need a break for a little bit. And if it wasn’t for a system that kept siphoning all the wealth to the top, we would need something like Universal Basic Income to rebalance the scales of economy. But that’s where we are now, so the Bootstrap ideology needs a little help. And looking at it as a rebalance, takes the stigma away from this just being a handout!

Some of the questions people ask about UBI is what’s considered “basic”. It’s the survival things. Rent, food & utilities. If we the people can come to a point where we can get past just surviving, the world will invent things we actually need. Like homes for the homeless and a viable health care plan and probably more duct tape that can fix all our home repair needs. It doesn’t mean you can’t earn extra income to buy that sweet Mustang convertible. It just means people will have access to food so they won’t starve in a Corolla.

The other question is who gets UBI. Do children qualify? Maybe. It’d make sense to a child who hasn’t been indoctrinated into distractions and advertised propaganda and would use some of that money to fund education and also probably candy.

The part where it does get complicated is when we factor rent into it. This varies from city to city. But if we standardized the rent based on square footage, number of bedrooms and who’s had sex in your home, nationwide, it’d probably reduce rivalry between cities. If living in San Francisco cost the same as Boise, we’d get rid of divisive rhetoric, like liberal elite and dumb conservatives. It’ll give a lot more meaning to the phrase “location, location, location”!

So how do we implement something like this? It can start with corporate profit sharing. It goes back to kindergarten, sharing is caring. Which means greed based Capitalism doesn’t care and failed kindergarten and do we really want to be controlled by a failure?

Universal Basic Income will return power back to we the people. The politicians and corporations that are against it are scared. They’re scared that when they’re beholden to us and not the figment of monetary imaginations, they will lose power, wealth & their access to duct tape our freedoms.

Necessity is the mother of invention. And making Capitalism necessary invents the false narratives that we only work to survive instead of progress and create. Universal Basic Income gives us worth in who we are and what we do. The experiment of Capitalism is failing. And we are debating the solution. UBI can work. So why not run the true great American experiment? Invent our solutions.