The Dispatch! Staring At The Sun



We’ve all seen that photo of Trump, pointing to the sky with smile on this face. To the untrained eye sure it seems like he’s either staring at the sun and show that he understands the cosmos and what the location of it is or he found where God lives. But really it was because there a big blimp with his face on it! But Trump has recently put increased tariffs on Solar imports to 30% which is a huge hike for this industry!

This is a pretty big deal because this affects 80% of the industry that get their panels made overseas. Plus it’s a loss of 23,000 jobs in an industry that has only 260,000 jobs. Yes, that’s a little under 1% of the jobs, but that’s only the start. It’s a snowball effect. And if we actually care about solar, there’ll be more snowballs that we’d probably regulate. Without them there’s going to be a ton of melted snow drowning cities. Republicans should be against this idea since the administration is literally becoming the anthesis of job creators.

But according to the Trump administration, this is meant to create more solar panel manufacturing in America. What? With what money will the companies that had to outsource their panels hire new workers to do a job they don’t really want to do. If that was the plan then Trump should’ve instated a new plan for out of work coal miners to be retrained in panel construction! This is the legislative equivalent of Mr. Burns blocking out the sun!

Realistically the panel construction should be automated so we can have a renewable source of energy for a long time for a very affordable price. But that will mean that we will have to get people to look jobs that have a sense of purpose instead of just something to do to pass the time and get paid till we die.

Right now only giants like First Solar and Tesla benefit from this since they have their own panel construction. And Tesla is on their way to build the Giga-city in Buffalo. Not a whole a sun in Buffalo, but Elon Musk likes a challenge. Maybe he’ll create more sunshine in Buffalo with his Giga-Factory. The sun might figure since there’s somewhere where it’s energy is appreciated, it can just migrate to Buffalo. Now I specially say migrate, because we don’t need to bring in the immigration into Solar. If we start asking for the Sun’s papers we will just live in constant darkness.

This is meant to slow down the growth of Solar energy and use the power that it generates to keep the life support on for the fossil fuel and coal industry. If anything this kind of super villainy will reach to epic proportions when we privatize sunshine! Then we will all be like that photo of Trump. Staring at the sky in the memory the burning fire that gave us energy and hoping for a God to come save us. To get a little corny, lets be our own sunshine and push for progressive ideals.