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I am a Nationally Touring Indian Stand Up Comedian, host of the socio-political commentary & comedy series ‘Fork Full of Noodles’ and the podcast ‘Taboo Table Talk’. The purpose of this Patreon is to build a community around the content that I create each week and in my Stand Up Comedy! This also helps me make a living off the work and art, pay my bills and keep dedicating as much time as possible to these shows and touring. These projects take a lot of hours to research, produce and release, and I’m the only staff member on for these shows. At the moment, these shows are independently run & produced and aren’t part of a bigger network.

My Stand Up Comedy is socially conscious, issue driven and philosophy based. Each hour of comedy that I write is based on a thesis statement. In my comedy I talk about topics like race, religion, war, immigration, while adding an optimistic philosophical & sociological twist! I perform at little theaters, DIY venues, basements, bars, breweries, coffee shops and Fringe Festivals. I’m usually on the road about 40-45 weeks out of the year. And since my material is based in human behavior and the systems we’ve created, I like to engage my audience during and after the shows!

Fork Full Of Noodles is a commentary & comedy web-series that is also issue driven and socially conscious. I started working on this in 2013 and it’s evolved from a political sketch to a commentary show. I’m the only staff member of this show so it’s JUST ME doing all the research, writing, recording and editing the piece each week. Each week I talk about one particular topic from race, religion, the economy, war, feminism and more! These go up on Facebook, Youtube, Libsynand Vidme every Monday.

Taboo Table Talk is a podcast where I talk to Comedians, Musicians, Politicians, Activists, Journalists and more about the current political and social climate. These are conversations and voices that I believe is important to talk about and ones we should be having at our dinner table. From time to time there are live episodes with showcase performances and panel discussions. As the show evolves and grows I’d like to have live episodes and panel discussions at least once a month. New episodes come out every Wednesday.

There are various tiers to support this show that gets you some pretty cool prizes from Stand Up Comedy albums & videos, stickers & buttons and way more stuff! Fork Full Of Noodles, Stand Up Clips and Taboo Table Talk won’t be behind a pay-wall, so donating to this Patreon will be financially helping my goals, helping with some of the hosting and production costs of these shows, supporting the growth of a community. It will also help improve the quality of the content that is produced.

I’ll also be making regular posts with links to my work on this Patreon page, most of this will be open to everyone, but some things with specifically for supporters of this Patreon.But this page is also to start conversations about the topics I discuss and if there are any topics that you guys out there would like me to tackle and look deeper into. This Patreon truly means LISTENER SUPPORTED!

I also believe that supporting independent media is very important. And there are a lot of folks out there that are looking to do this type of thing and don’t know how. I this works and I can try to help others make a living of their art as well.

FULL DISCLOSUREI am also seeking sponsors for the shows. I’m mainly looking businesses that are support socially conscious, issue driven content and are small mom & pop establishments.

Thanks for reading and supporting.