The Dispatch! Failures In Immigration


800 Indian Americans marched to White House to support Donald Trump’s immigration policies. That means that the English As A Second Language programs have failed. Now Trump has called for a merit based Immigration policy, where your worth and entrance to this country is determined by how much you can contribute to labor force. This is really going to come bite him in the ass when we have to kick Donald and the Republican Party out of the country for being lazy and an impediment to progress and also a failure to American values.

The Indians that support the merit based immigration are on it’s side because of the green card quota. Most of the green card approvals go to family members leaving tons of qualified employees from India stuck where they are. But that should tell you that America’s quota system is backfiring and the system itself is immensely flawed that it creates divide between family and the workforce. This is the same system that is using family as extortion for the labor force.

This rally was held by the Republican Hindu Coalition, which should be self explanatory. The RHC is for building the wall and believes that by keep kids in the states they contribute $2500 a year for 10 years to pay for the wall. Oh I get why these guys like Trump. They’re like all the mobsters that want to break kids legs and then when the kids want their leg fixed you ask them to work for the wall in exchange and you a labor force that pays you for that labor. What a racket!

They claim that these kids are illegal and instead of giving them green cards they get work permits so they can eventually pay for the wall, that won’t do anything. And why stop there, having kids should just be illegal, we have a population problem and India ranks at number 2. Where does the RHC stand on neutering the human race? Physically not intellectually. They are doing that already in support of the wall. That way there’s not issue with Green Card quotas or walls. Let’s get these freedom defenders snipped! Less people means a lot more money everyone to spend frivolously on shit we don’t need.

Now I understand this argument. There are lot of people that following the rules of immigration and are stuck in the system. And it looks like these kids are free pass. So maybe instead of attacking the children or folks that were brought to the States out of their own volition to escape the tyranny created by the American Empire, and trying to reinstate a child labor force, you can talk about fixing a broken system. Ask why there is a quota for Green Cards in the first place! You have to be in the states to get a Green Card! We all crossed the imaginary, lets all be cool about it and work together make this place better.

The other reason why the RHC supports Trump’s plan of getting rid of DACA is because Indians get confused for Mexicans. Now legislation and building a wall doesn’t get rid of the trivialities of hatred. America legalized Gay Marriage, but the West Boro Baptist Church still exists. They didn’t dissolve into a gooey black puddle because the Obama administration signed a piece of legislation. They also claim this proves Trump isn’t racist and I’ll defer you back my last statement. You might as well have said “Oh I saw him touch a black once. So he can’t be racist!”

If the RHC really wants to stand for a unified, strong, effective voice in Washington as their website suggests, maybe they shouldn’t go after kids to justify the most whacked out Looney Toons idea this presidency has. Maybe go after a system that created those immigrants to come into this country UNDOCUMENTED. And lets all remember brown nosing doesn’t get you your green card faster. Fixing a broken and arbitrary system does.