The Dispatch! Celebration In Violence


In other news, it was recently the Super Bowl this Sunday. A unofficial national holiday to tie your identity into consumerism and gladiator games. We all cheer for concussions and which company used celebrities and humor as a weapon against the fragile human mind.

This year the Philadelphia Eagles won. And in tradition, Philadelphia went nuts. Reports of people hanging from light poles and swaths of people taking over highways had the cops scarred for their lives. I guess now they know how we the people feel all the time. Every time we get pulled over we have to worry if this is one of militarized cops or one of the Andy Griffith ones.

I do find it odd that we just accept this kind of violence to be norm. Winners get to do what they want in America. That’s what we’ve been taught. But if this was for something like healthcare or even education we would look down on it and file a lawsuit. But since it was for a sport that glorifies and celebrates violence, using violence to celebrate it is just fine.

I bet Philly will get a Buzzfeed article out this. “Top 10 craziest Super Bowl Riots in the country!” A countdown of our misplaced priorities.

But if the cops are scared of so many people coming together for a singular reason, imagine if we did that for things that mattered. We’d have a Middle Class again and for the first time ever a concept of equality. And we wouldn’t need to celebrate these concussed Warriors selling us a brand name.