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Sweden, France and numerous countries have started to burn waste & garbage and converted it to energy. But in the States, a Waste To Energy Plant is the center controversy! Is there some merit to this idea? Watch to find out more!

Written, Edited & Filmed by Krish Mohan


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We all know someone trashy out there. According to Urban Dictionary, a trashy person is someone that lacks class and doesn’t really contribute to society. They sit there decomposing over long periods of time, releasing various chemicals into the air like a bag of trash floating in the ocean. But we might have to change our definition of this type of person based on what some countries have decide to with trash.

Countries like Sweden and France have been burning their trash for a number of years now. Like actual trash and garbage produced by humans, not the human anthropomorphized version of trash. This is a way to reduce the use of coal and decrease the amount of things that just sit and decompose in a landfill, like the dreams and goals of so many trashy people.

These Waste to Energy plants burn this trash to produce heat to produce super pressurized steam to spin turbines that store energy into a generator that’s connected to the electric grid. Now this is not as powerful as coal. It’s about ⅓ as powerful as coal, but it also produces way less problematic emissions as a by product.

So what are they burning? It’s Kitchen refuse, bio waste and commercial garbage. So in Sweden, they’re not putting sewage or industrial waste into these machines because they don’t want their country to smell like the plague. Europe is pretty sensitive about the plague. In fact this method of generating energy is so that the Earth doesn’t have to release another plague to try to end us all. It’s kinda like they are learning from their history!

One of the byproducts of burning anything is Carbon Dioxide. The only exception to this rule is burning time like trashy people do. When you burn time the only byproduct is resentment and rage filled nostalgia. And yes burning trash will produce CO2, but this is CO2 that’s part of the current Carbon cycle. It’s like us breathing out Carbon Dioxide. That’s supposed to be there. If all CO2 was a problem you’d see Climate Activists against Exhaling, which is counter-productive to life. The CO2 produced by fossil fuels is not part of this current carbon cycle! It’s from a million years ago, that’s why the earth buried it. 

It’s like the Earth’s savings account of Carbon, and we’re the shitty kid that doesn’t know what to do with their life so they keep switching majors all the time and burn through that savings. The Earth had dreams! And it was having a species in charge of the world that would sustain it and not recklessly beat the shit out itself. The piles of plastic in the ocean are the equivalent of piles of laundry everywhere, but it would be like if the laundry choked out the family dog and the entire neighborhood’s pets.

The other byproduct of anything burned is ash. This ash can contain heavy metals like Cadmium, Aluminium, Iron…Maiden and Judas Priest! But France uses it’s ash to mix into cement to pave roads with it. And it’s like like that Ozzy song, “Reduce, Reuse & RECYCLE!” It’s one of his less popular songs. It’s in the deep cut Black Sabbath collection.

The biggest issue is the Flue Gases, which are the puffs of smoke that are pumped out of the smoke stacks, that cause major issues within the environment. These produce dioxins which can be poisonous to…well life. But that’s why you see large smoke stacks on these facilities. They are fixed with filters and cleaned regularly to maintain regulated standards. Flue gases are also burned at 850 degrees celsius. Currently Sweden is under 50% of the acceptable emissions so they’re doing ok. 

And things are so crazy with the idea of burning trash that other countries are exporting their trash to Sweden. This should be alarming to a lot of these countries! This means there’s too much trash in Europe that one country is burning it. Sweden is working hard to reduce or at least maintain the effects of Climate Change so we don’t burn up. The planet might think of us as trash one day and burn us up for energy to restore itself. We should probably not let it get that bad.

Sweden is also burning H&M clothing. As of 2017 they have 15 tonnes of hipster attire that is being burned for energy. The concern is not just making sure no moldy clothes gets burned, but also to ensure that the clothes have least amount of pretension acceptable by law. The reason why H&M’s clothing winds up as trash isn’t because of quality, but price. Since it’s cheaper, it’s perfect for burning, so it’s basically the trashy people of clothing.

Currently with the popularity of this plan, Dubai is planning on building the largest Waste to Energy plant in the world. This is to compete with China’s Waste to Energy plant that plans on burning over 5000 tonnes waste to generate electricity and create renewable energy for solar panels. And if the pattern of things continue, that means America will be starting a war over garbage in the next decade! That’s going to give a whole new meaning to the term dirty bomb!

So why hasn’t America adopted this solution. Sure in the states we have a harsh contempt for the French since we decided to rebrand French Fries to Freedom Fries just to stick in their dumb brie filled faces! But we love the Swedes! Those are the immigrants America wants to come in here. Those are the white people that it’s ok to steal from because that’s how Socialism works in the mind of Nationalistic ignorance.

The truth is America actually has, but it’s under some heavy controversy. In Boston the Wheelabrator Waste To Energy plant is causing some issues. Democratic Representative, Roselee Vincent is against this plant because of all the byproducts that this plant generates. From heavy metals and ash that is dumped into an adjacent landfill this plant should be called the Waste To Energy to Waste plant.

This is the major difference between the European plants, which isn’t perfect, but they are taking the precautions against this exact environmental attack. The Waste To Energy plants in Europe are regulated. And when you bring up that word in America, people think their precious freedoms are in danger.

In America deregulation means the freedom to be ignorant and misinformed. It’s freedom to do things half-assed and have fullassed pride in it! The freedom to believe profit over people will mean that everyone gets rich. Everyone getting rich while we’re all suffocated by the air we poisoned, means nothing. We are literally choking on our desires of monetary richness.

The Wheelabrator plant was supposed to be closed after the landfill was filled, but they filed for a 5 year extension. And Wheelabrator is one of 2 unlined landfills in the state of Massachusetts. And when they have spills that affect the wildlife in that area, they willing to pay the fine rather than fix the problem. Which is like putting a bandaid on your herpes!

I think the next time Wheelabrator causes a spill they should have to turn their ash into cash and give it to the communities they’re destroying. Or they can give up ⅔ of their annual income instead of a slap on the wrist of a few million dollars out of the billions they make. Let’s get serious about environmental problems in America.

These spills have been so bad that the shellfish is too contaminated for human consumption. Which means Boston is about to loose it’s Clam Chowder and there will be no food for them to contribute into the culinary landscape. Maybe Wheelabrator will sell poisoned Clam Chowder under its new name Freedom Chowder!

Now this plant has caused Cancer, Respiratory problems and the studies are claiming there is no underlying causes. Which means there are a lot of scientists that are part of that study exercising their freedom to be lazy…and corporate shills.

This plant has caused a lot of divide because the people on it’s side are claiming they’ve done a lot of good for the community. They are donating to schools, about 60 full time jobs and a massive amounts of money in taxes. This basically means Wheelabrator is holding these people hostage under the guise of money, employment and creating rarities in wildlife. Their acts of charity are clouding these citizens from ACTUAL clouds of poison that are destroying their life.

Maybe that’s what it is. In order for profit over people to make sense, your air and water has to have so many toxins in it that it starts rotting you from the inside. It has decrease your brain functions just enough that only freedom you can think about is breaking free from the shackles of the corporate thumb by playing the game and making money. Since that’s the only thing life is about according the purveyors trash like Wheelabrator.

The solution to this is pretty simple. The byproducts have to recycled. And don’t build plants that put toxins into the air near cities and towns. Oh also, don’t build it next to a river because it’ll poison that too. But that’s regulation and if we have that Russia will win and they get all our trash! And we’re only going to be left with all the trashy people.

Look if you’re worried about regulation, understand this; we wouldn’t need to regulate it if we chose to be intelligent and realize our actions have consequences. So piling ash and not lining your factory that burns trash is illogical and leads to bad things. If we didn’t do that, we wouldn’t have to regulate that. Corporations are like that kid keeps shitting in the urinal. And now we have to instate a rule that we shouldn’t shit in urinals. Regulations hit you face with logical rules because we have the freedom act illogically and think that should be ok!

And there’s proof that sometimes using legislation to force people to act logically is necessary and helpful. San Francisco passed unpopular legislation banning plastic bags and increasing composting. That’s decreased landfill trash by 80% as of 2015! They made it mandatory for households and apartments to compost and grocery stores to get rid of plastic bags. And I know some of you are gonna say “This sounds like Nazi Germany!” Sure if Nazi Germany was about exterminating the extinction of our species instead of exterminating the Jews. So it’s basically not like Nazi Germany at all.

We have accept the consequences of unbridled freedom! For us to progress and be less wasteful we have to think about what our actions mean. We figured out that burning trash means we get to kill, nay slaughter, 2 birds with one stone, but we have to take precautions against the revolt of the birds. We have a right to intelligence and morality. Just because a corporation destroys your land, but gives you a prettily wrapped gift, doesn’t mean that they get to keep causing problems. That’s the freedom of accepting chaos.

With unregulated corporations taking ideas from countries that have regulated progress so profit doesn’t shit all over it, America is falling behind. With our hubris, we’re probably going to wind up producing the most trash and since we’ll be fighting over false charities, Sweden, France, Dubia, China and litany of other countries will make tons of money off our trash and war scraps.  One day we can get a point where we trade in drones for trash so we can burn them for form of free energy. Maybe then we will realize that our idea of consequence-free Freedom is limiting. Regulation isn’t bad when it helps us move forward to a society that produces more solutions than garbage. And in that case we should probably start calling Trashy people…corporatists.