The Dispatch! Our Culture of Violence


Thoughts and Prayers. With the amount of mass shootings America has and the fact that it’s a Christian nation, Heaven must be over loaded with Thoughts and Prayers. The next season of hoarders will just God sifting through the Thoughts and Prayers with crow’s feet under their eyes. Ok, so obviously this is in lieu of another mass shooting that took place in Florida! Florida by the way is run by a pro-gun, climate change denier named Rick Scott.

And we’re back to more arguments about gun control, mental health and Paul Ryan’s dreamy eyes telling us that it’s not time to make this issue political. And yes, the American Dream currently resides in the dead eyes of Paul Ryan as he makes another statement doled out to by the NRA. But the reality is this issue is political! Once the lack of legislation affects people daily lives it’s inherently political.

A solution that is floating around is armed guards at the schools. Schools should be a place for learning and critical thinking and becoming a fully functioning rational human being. Armed guards wouldn’t solve the crisis of kids killing each other, but rather shut us up about having a logical discussion about weaponry available to the public. And schools already have a nationalistic bend to them, with how much of history is censored, this will just ensure that kids that dissent and question the lesson plan will be mysteriously taken out. That’s the dystopia we’re likely to ensure with this solution.

We should asking ourselves why we have a culture that breeds violence, competition, despair, anger and volatility. That after a violent act we decide we need to keep the tool of violence at our bedsides. And yes, the Second Amendment does say it’s our right to bear arms, but let’s not read past that. But the Amendment itself was written about primitive guns and out of fear. Fear that citizen militias were probably needed if the government was to become authoritarian. And if the Natives decided they wanted their land back.

First of all, the government has control over our lives. From the Patriot Act to scapegoating Snowden to look at your nudes on the cloud, the government is up all our asses constantly. And with use of advertising it’s controlled our minds to become vapid consumers of brightly colored non-sense and instead of cash or credit we charged it our civil liberties.

And if these militias tried over throw the government, I doubt guns would hold up against the drones or even the thousands of tanks sitting in the dessert right now. They’re waiting to use it. With how much we spend on the military and preach nationalism at every level, this government is so blood thirsty that it can wait for a civilian uprising! The thought of that would result in a sinful amount of self pleasuring on their end! Even the porn industry would think it was too gratuitous! And even Rambo would say the violence was a little too graphic.

So the government has no interest in trying to legislate sensible gun laws. So it comes down to we the people. That’s the part of the Constitution these pro-Second Amendment folks forget, the first sentence. We should create a system that answers the question as to why someone would want to pick up a gun and take the lives of 17 other people. Is it an inability for our education system to help overly emotional teens on how to utilize their emotions properly? Is it a system that normalizes ignorance and the status quo so much that it makes people tie all their joy into one thing so that the system that extort that one thing constantly? Is the fact that you live in a State run by and shaped like a dong?

Those questions are much harder to answers and build laws around. But culturally we can steer away from. By decreasing our own arrogance and self involvement, and realizing that we are part of something bigger we can start taking care of each a little more. Understand why someone feels bad about themselves or what outside forces contributed to hardships. Just sit and listen to someone for a minute. All of these can change our culture of violence and despair that has been normalized. If we can do that then eventually we will send so many Thoughts and Prayers that there will be an overflow and WE will start drowning in our own Thoughts and Prayers.