The Dispatch! Gateway to Dystopia


We’ve got a new Taskforce to celebrate! The Prescription Interdiction Litigation Unit, adorably known as PILL is here to target drug manufacturers who contributed to the Opioid Epidemic. Basically The Pill Police, professional Narcs. Jeff Sessions and the Department of Justice are actually backing local governments who are suing opioid manufacturers and distributors! Now this might come as a shock to most of us, but I’m not really sure this is going to yield any results.

Sessions and the Trump Administration is trying to keep their promises to the people Appalachia. They figured if the Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists they emboldened rioted over a statue and will soon protest the lack of a wall, they shouldn’t piss off out of work coal miners with nothing but time on their hands and the itchiest of trigger fingers.

Now I know I’m making a generalization of people that live in that area, but Appalachia is the area that opioid crisis has affected the most. Opioids are highly addictive pain killers. They were advertised in the 90s as a safe drug to reduce pain. Turns out instead of doctor patient confidentiality, they practiced doctor Big pharama pay day-dentiality. These pain pills can lead to the use of heroin and even harder drugs.

I know that’s hard to imagine that there’s stuff harder than heroin out there, but these drug deals have to keep up with Pharmaceutical industries. It’s getting really difficult to be a drug deal these days. It’s sad to think we’ll never see another Escobar in this generation because of corporate overreach. And really this is going to affect the future of gritty Netflix crime dramas.

Sessions thinks there are too many pain pills being prescribed to people and that’s probably true. As he said in Tampa, sometimes you just need 2 aspirins. And for a good little Christian boy like him, those 2 aspirins send him flyin’ high to meet Jesus. Now even though there’s a link between opioid prescription and heroin use, Jeff Sessions is harkening the ol’ marijuana is a gateway drug myth. He wants to look into how marijuana usage probably led to the opioid crisis. Sorry Jeff, but I think we have enough evidence to prove that Big Pharma is the only gateway here. A gateway to bigger wallets for them and over 60,000 deaths for the American people.

This is the start of this process. I’m not sure if I have faith this Taskforce led by a man that doesn’t gets too high off aspirin will actually prosecute Big Pharma. They’ve been unchecked for a very long time and have one of the strongest lobbies around. This exposes one of the deadly effects of corporate greed. The pharmaceutical industry isn’t in the business to heal but rather to cycle you into a world of endless pills to sedate the people so we can swallow the myths they construct. If this administration wants to prove it cares about people and stick to its motto, then they’d regulate and heavily penalize the pharmaceutical industry for creating this mess. If not they’re like painkillers. They dull the ache and lead to larger problems. They’re a gateway to dystopia.