The Dispatch! Painted Smiles & Education

Betsy Devos, the current Secretary of Education and the latest victim of the cartoon villain the Joker, went on 60 minutes to try to defend cutting funding for schools. And I know it’s low hanging fruit to go after someone’s appearance, but her smile concerns me. It’s not a natural smile. It’s the smile of someone that hiding a lot of secrets and in that interview it really looked like she was trying use a smile to hold all of them from spilling out.  Like who really shot JFK is behind those pearls, and the truth behind why the government bailed out Wall Street, and how Rex Tillerson had to be fired because he was try to erect an oil super highway that would dwarf the actual highway.

In the clip that floating around the internet, Devos makes the claim that we should be investing students not buildings or systems. That’s awesome because she basically said she’s going to forgive all student and education related debt. You heard it here first folks, we all just got universal education for free! So when the buildings they are supposed be learning in come crumbling down, the kids at least know that they won’t be drowning in debt, just concrete.

This basically also means that Department of Education is doling out cash for kids to go and invest in their own education. Learning from the world around them. Instead of school it’s the curiosity study hall and independent learning projects. Maybe this way more kids will learn the truth about the Devos’ family’s involvement in funding charter school that depleted the public schools to ensure that only rich kids get an education.

Devos goes on to say that schools where there has been a lot more choices introduced the students performance has been introduced. She didn’t use the word performance because she’s cut funding for words with more than 2 syllables, but it’s implied. She claims Florida is one of those places. Sure, yeah Florida gets to choose between a student owning a rifle or the teacher. Lots of great choices there. One way or the other Betsy plans on having new recruits for her brother’s newest Black Ops venture. She really believes in families.

She goes on to smile and struggle when she’s asked about Michigan’s education standards. She claims she can say anything about the overall state of education but there are pockets where things are doing well. Yeah, there’s like one kid thats persevering through that maniacal smile. That kid is the one they make all the movies about. Holy shit! Betsy Devos thinks she’s in a movie and she’s the rebel teacher character. The one that no one understands, but is making the tough choices for the sake of the students, so they can learn a big lesson and the life altering competition she created in the schools she can make new billionaire sociopaths to save America. Betsy Devos thinks she’s a protagonist. Another word that’s too expensive to use in schools.

She finally sticks her whole foot into her smile as she claims she has not intentionally visited a school that is under performing. But why would you go to a place that shows you how much your plan is failing. This was proof on National Television that there is a oligarchy controlling every facet of American life and how out of touch and blind they from the plight of the everyday American! And when she was asked about where she stands on teachers having guns in schools, she replied, “No one size fits all”. I’m paraphrasing, another word that’s too expensive in the Devos educational system.

But she’s right. One size doesn’t fit all. Some schools are going to be run like a dystopian novel and others, usually those that can pay for it, will with uniformity and nationalistic pride. It’s the choice she’s providing between chaos and obedience, guns or books, Stand and Deliver or Rambo: First Blood. But is that what we want our schools to be? A place where teachers are part time mercenaries? It would be good for Betsy’s family because I’m sure some of her Brother’s hitmen can teach kids how to snap someone’s neck in 3 places before the body hits the ground. Education at it’s best.

Education should be about critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Often when funds get cut they loose art classes, social workers, increase class sizes and cause kids to leave the school. Cutting a creative outlet not only leads to less critical thinking and problem solving but gets rid of way to deal with their emotions, trauma and process change. It leads to unhappier kids, more violence, and I’m sure larger deposits of cash into the Devos Family Bank Account. And if she keeps cutting schools and the education budget who is going to have the skills to paint on Devos’ smile.