Empathy On Sale at Pittsburgh Fringe Festival

I’m very excited to be bringing my newest FULL HOUR of Socially Conscious Comedy, “Empathy On Sale” to the Pittsburgh Fringe Festival! I don’t get a chance to perform my full hour of comedy in Pittsburgh very often, so come on out to see this show! I’m going to be in the basement of the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church and there are 3 chances to check out this show! Get your tickets and come hangout!

  • April 6 @ 10:30pm
  • April 7 @ 6pm
  • April 8 @ 7:15pm

Empathy On Sale: Stepping out our bubbles can be hard. Touring Comedian, Krish Mohan is exploring bubble culture and the current divide in today’s political climate. He uses his sharp wit & comedy to illustrate how race, identity politics, and misunderstanding progressivism has led to splitting us apart. He explores Native American culture, effective ways to treat mental illnesses and western culture’s obsession with war and violence – all of which pushes us further into our bubbles. Find out if he can figure out how we can get out of our bubbles!