Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-172-The Plastic Bank & Zero Waste

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David Katz’s project, the Plastic Bank, is co-opted by Shell to increase their production of Plastics and a society that is zero waste!

Written, Edited & Filmed by Krish Mohan

A nickname for credit card is plastic and that’s because that’s going to put you everlasting debt. Floating in your soul to create gyres of poverty. Ultimately you’ll try to recycle it, but forget about the interest rate and cycle all that garbage debt back in the ocean of your own possibility and self worth. There’s a program that does monetizes the idea of plastics and no it’s not drinking bottled water. Although yeah, bottled water does monetize plastics. This idea is called the Plastic Bank.

Here’s the basics behind the Plastic Bank. Third world countries have a issues with waste and recycling and also employment. Probably because the Republicans are creating so many jobs for Americans that there’s not enough to go around the globe. David Katz, a Canadian, is utilizing the waste problem to have people in 3rd world countries pick up the plastic from their beaches and waterways before gets to the ocean and then pay them for it.

This allows these folks to pay bills, get sustainable cooking oils, charge their phones, pay for schools and so on. Seems great doesn’t it. Ok so here’s proof that when you combine 2 negatives it doesn’t necessarily mean a positive. The words Plastic and Bank shouldn’t really be in the same sentence together and here’s why. The company that has taken the most interest in this, Shell. Yes, the company with the most ironic name, considering a shell is supposed to protect and they are actively removing protections like a frat boy trying to get this dick wet by saying he’s got a condom on. Perfect, it’s nice they got mildly famous person to show how Shell assaults communities and calls it fist bumps.

Shell has decided to invest in the Plastic Bank to help these Third World countries to because we’ve turned waste collection into a monetary system. So now the people of Haiti and various other countries are held hostage as Shell will increase it’s plastic production because the more plastic there is the world the more these people get to clean up and more money they make. Proving again that when you mix a noble cause to Capitalism, it just grinds it up into shit so it can burn it. And it doesn’t care about the smell or if it’s vegan! 

Shell and Exxon-Mobile have said they’re planning to increase their plastic production by 40% in the next decade! And they will leverage these people’s employment as a reason to do it. Make the liberals heart bleed so we turn that into plastic so Haiti can turn in for cash. And that’s the problem, the Plastic Bank put value on trash and corporations want in on that value.

Here’s a better idea. How about we use the ideas generated by David Katz and Boyan Slat to clean up the mess we’ve made and then stop making plastic shit to feed into this cycle of cannibalistic bullshit. This program co-opted by Shell makes its virtually impossible to decrease our need for oil and plastics. With the rise in plastics and our future being tied to automation, the robot uprising will be to get the fuck off this literal dumpster fire of planet we will eventually make.  

OK, so I know most of you are ready to recycle a coke bottle into a shank or a rope, but there is hope. Kamikatsu Japan is known as the zero waste town because it recycles everything! They are so serious that they have 34 categories for it! And here we are complaining that we have a blue bag and regular bag!

I do agree that 34 categories is overkill, but the town of Kamikatsu will be zero waste by 2020. That means all their garbage becomes something else. And that’s how some of their storefronts are surviving.  They turning things they use once into clothes, teddy bears, and all kinds of stuff. In western society its looked down upon to get hand-me-down but in nature and Eastern philosophies it’s called being efficient. Hell America is so against Hand-Me-Down, it won’t even turn it’s dead malls into homeless shelters. The homeless should have fresh homes.

We might not need to have 34 categories to recycle, but a major idea behind zero waste is reduce single use. Now this goes a little further than recycling. Because certain plastics can’t be recycled. And because they are recycled, they become hand-me-down plastics and lose value. So companies want to make fresh plastic to suffocate our waterways instead of something that your parents used to suffocate the rivers and streams with. They feel like this is the progressive way to murder our planet.

This means instead of using a paper or plastic cup, you use a ceramic one. You can buy food in bulk and use your jars. This takes a little bit of an adjustment, but once you do, you’ll find out that it’s actually not that hard. The reason why this isn’t pushed forward in our societies is because it’s counterintuitive to counterintuitive systems. So it’s actually intuitive.

Consumerism is built on the practice that it’s convenient and helps ease your life…for a little bit. But it’s is a very selfish practice. Because of your convenience means someone else is cleaning your trash from their water supply! And it doesn’t matter that it’s creating jobs. That person has the right to be able live a good life where their water doesn’t have a plastic bag choking out the fish they might have to eat. And torment taints all meats.

Instead of using the systems that Nature essentially handed to us, we rebelled like the whiny teenagers of a species we are and created a giant mess. And now we are not just trying to undo the domestic abuse we’ve dealt to the planet but also the emotional ones we doled out with unregulated Capitalism and consumerism.