Fork Full of Noodles with Krish Mohan-173-Divesting Plastic

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There are several alternatives for Plastics, from bacon, sugar, paper to even Fungus! Watch to find out more!

Written, Edited & Filmed by Krish Mohan

We are also exploring options of a new materials that can decrease the amount of plastics we’ve dumped into the ocean. Really we can replace all our plastic items out with bacon. We have a obsession with Bacon in America and I bet if we made it an alternative to plastic we’d eradicate the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from our lifetime.

It is odd that America loves bacon so much. It puts it on everything! From sandwiches, milkshakes, clothes. We already make bowls out bacon. It’s almost like we’re saying “Hey Pigs, we know you’re smart and feel emotions better than us, but don’t think that you’re next in line to control this planet! You haven’t even figured out how delicious you are!” But if we use bacon as a substitute for plastics, they might be cool with it. Till they Animal Farm us off the planet and build a better world probably.

Bio based polymer ideas are an actual solution to replacing plastics. There are a few places that are trying to develop new polymers that won’t linger in our systems forever. It seems like plastics are worse than herpes. They’re a problem and they just never go away!

In Finland the VTT Technical Research Center has made a polymer out of sugar! So when this bio-based polymer goes through the recycling process it can turned back into sugar that can go into your coffee or back into a bottle of water. This is going to revolutionize the sugar water industry! This was developed back in 2012 and was production ready then!

Sweden is utilizing paper to create packages. And most of the paper in the world is recycled!  Paper is a lot more biodegradable, you can set it on fire or turn it into legal drug paraphernalia. You can’t outlaw paper, pigs! That’s not me attacking the pigs that might save our lives, but rather cops that make our lives difficult, like Plastic! Law enforcement is the plastic of our communities!

The New Materials Institute is looking to create polymers that breakdown easier to reduce plastic and trash that winds up in the ocean. In tandem with Center for Bioplastics and Biocomposites they’re trying to mirror the systems in nature to create an efficient and sustainable solution for this problem. The only thing that makes me vary of them is they’re also partnering with 3M, Ford, Hyundai, and a few other corporations. And they might not let research move forward if they don’t see a immediate profits. Corporations are the plastics of progress!

But there is a plastic of nature. Fungus. Ok, before everyone orders a mushroom pizza and tries to construct a water bottle out that, just gimme a minute. At the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, scientist are growing fungus, drying them and heating them up to creating the raw materials that you can turn into packages, bottles and let’s be honest condoms! Humans won’t be happy till they’ve basically cum on all of nature.  I mean even the name Mycelium sounds like a brand of condom!

Fungi are also being used as a glue to put together 3-D printed furniture. In the states a company called Ecovative is using Fungus to replace plastic packaging. And since it’s not alive and growing, this won’t be an invasive species like a bacteria. And it’s highly sustainable since fungus are part of nature’s cycle. We’d probably get rid of littering as a crime. With Fungal packaging it will become mandatory to liter.

Using something from Nature to be a part of it’s cycle is a huge step to heal the planet. It’s the obvious eureka that our species seldom sees.  With the advances made with Fungal material, we have to make sure that Monsanto doesn’t their grubby little hands on it. Because if they Genetically modify the growth of the fungus in any way, we might wind up a SciFi nightmare that can only be dreamt of by Stephen King. And the most horrifying thing about that would be they’d probably find a way to charge us for living on the fungal epidemic to make a money on the disaster they created!

It’s going to take everything to get this planet back into shape so we don’t wind up going extinct by our own hands. And our legacy is floating vestiges of consumerism, waste and an inability to control ourselves for the sake of convenience. From different methods to clean the ocean, trying to mirror nature’s cycles and working with it, we can divest from oil based plastics. Make ourselves economically unviable so corporations can’t exploit us, kill the planet to turn a buck. When we die we should become a part of nature instead of rejected by it.