The Dispatch! World War Immigration

In 2006 then President Bush sent the National Guard to the US-Mexico border. That was mainly so he could dress in another Navy Pilot’s uniform and land on Mexican soil and claim “Mission Accomplished!” We did y’all. We got Mexico back into American hands where it belongs. But then he realized that we wouldn’t have anywhere to deport immigrants to, and quickly bailed on the idea. In 2010 Obama followed suit by deploying the National Guard to aid the Department of Homeland Security to fix some of the fences and walls along the border.

In 2018, President Trump has suggested the military guard our border. Ok, so we’ve got the mainstream Democrats antagonizing Russia with Russiagate. Trump has already agitated Kim Jong Un of North Korea. And now with the military at the US-Mexico border we’re basically saying that we’re ready for a war over the issue of immigration, setting the sparks of the third world war. But to a hammer all problems are nails. And to the insecure teenage country that is America, every nation has been a nail.

Now Trump ran on this idea for his campaign. He claimed to make Mexico pay for it, and they laughed in his face as they said no. Then he claimed Congress was going to pay for it, who also said no. So like a spoiled, rich 16 year old, Trump went to his muscle. The Military. Under the guidance of Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, the American military is not only the police of the world, but also the bouncer to it. And of course our military is going to become a bouncer, when it’s being guided by the “MAD DOG”! That’s a name you give you a child that can only grow up to be a bouncer…or a cannibal leader of underground pseudo satanic biker gang.

Trump also claimed that Mexico’s laws are strong and when it comes to the border America is very weak. I guess that’s his plan to Make America Great Again, be more like Mexico! I wonder how that’s going to sit with his base? Well if you give them all complementary Sombreros they might be fine.

So the question is can the military build Trump’s wall? If he wanted to dip into the DOD’s 2018 budget he’d have to get 60 votes in Congress to approve that. And I doubt Congress will approve it when we need that money to wage wars on country that think their fake money is more important than our fake money. He could probably bolster the budget next year which would be risky.

If we all decided to vote for alternative and more progressive candidates into the Senate and local office, something we saw this past November, there would be no allies for Trump in 2019. And if he starts acting erratically, it’ll prove his administration’s authoritarian dominance and we’d probably fight back pretty hard. And if the troops are at the border, they’ve left the king open for a check-mate.

But the way this can come into fruition is if the Pentagon pushes for an emergency construction contract for the purposes of security. This is probably the same way the TSA waged war on tiny little bottles of shampoo! Under the guise of security the TSA is taking down the corporate giants of Loreal and Panteen by criminalizing their tiny bottles! But the Pentagon can get a larger spending bill by claiming it’s under a counter narcotics program. The catch is this provision can only be used if there is a national emergency or declaration of war!

Now if this is seen as a declaration of war, which it’s very hard not to when there are troops at the border, you’d have to realize how bad of an idea this is. That means that you’d have 11.6 million people that would revolt within your own country against this idea, on top of any pro-immigration reform folks. That would mean a war on American soil which hasn’t happened since the Civil war. Maybe if that happens we’d be less war hungry and try to give peace a chance for once.

Look Trump was set up for this kind of action. Though Obama was seen as liberal he had a largest amount of deportations. The building blocks for this kind of anti-immigration rhetoric was put into place. And this is a desperate attempt to try to fulfill at least one of his campaign promises so he can get re-elected. And in that light, Trump is no different than any other President. The question that needs to be asked is, when this plan fails and there is no wall at the end of 2020, will his followers continue to believe his lies? I hope not. I hope that leads to the walls of cognitive dissonance to get torn  down in their minds so they be more open minded and try to understand the complexities of immigration and foreign policy and elect someone to simplify it.