The Dispatch! The REAL Battle For Free Speech

In the last week, Louisiana has put a bill on the table that will impose harsh penalties to peaceful protestors but no laws on drunken behavior excused by the location you’re in. The bill was authored by 60 some authors, which means no government, big or small, really understands what it means to have too many cooks in the kitchen. But like a good hive mind, these representatives are all working in favor of pipelines over people.

HB 727 punishes non violent, peaceful protestors with a $10,000 fine   and up to 20 years in prison. In 2017 this happened in Oklahoma and has been backed by the corporate funded legislative group, ALEC. The fact that we are penalizing protestors and have a CORPORATE Funded legislative group should be evidence enough that this government doesn’t work for us, but rather pipelines, banks, car companies, and anyone else with an unhealthy obsession with collecting money to crowdfund their own extinction.

Minnesota also has a law which criminalizes not only peaceful protests but also anyone that teaches people how to protest and the methods you can use. Conspirators can get a year in jail and $3000 fine! So if the laws actually work for people bankers, cops that hosed protestors would be in a eternity of debt and locked on a island somewhere in the Pacific that are ruled by natives that do give a shit about power structures based on skin translucency.

Plus activists educating people means people learn the truth and get empowered! Instead corporate education is about the fluffing of history and getting ignorant. But since we live in a less than ideal world we’re just going to fine people trying to save the world. This explains the dark nature of super hero movies as of late. Even our escapism sees how fucked up laws like this are.

This bill also refers to pipelines as Critical Infrastructure. If an oil pipeline is critical infrastructure we can all just drive on top of pipelines instead of roads. Maybe then the local governments will fix all the roads with potholes the size of a small SUV. And if the there is broken pipeline, would it be any different than the standard operating procedure of pipelines today? Hell if the rich neighborhoods were paved with pipelines maybe they’ll find a way to fix the leaks. But then again maybe not. Maybe oily money will be worth more since that’s really what gives our currency value!

This is the response to large protests against DAPL and the fact it was successful until this Presidency. The protests did work and shut down the pipeline and proved the state of the militarized police and the corporations disrespect…well humans! This bill shows that those in power are afraid and need to put in laws that are unconstitutional in order to win. It’s the up up down down left right B A select start of legislation. And if you’re wonder, yes I’m saying this is cheating.

The good news is that we won’t need to deal with dead ideologies for long. The writers of bill won’t be in office forever, which means we empower and vote in people that aren’t bought and sold by pipelines and get our roads back to have a less than bumpy ride to the polls! There’s far too many people that see the damage caused by oil pipelines and the fossil fuels industry for them to actually win.  60 representatives authored an unconstitutional bill, 60 Million citizens and residents will change it.