The Dispatch! Marx, Capitalism & Death

Karl Marx turned 200 years old this year. Ok, he actually didn’t turn 200, but if we had universal healthcare 150 years ago, maybe he would have. Now a lot of people have issues with Marx and his ideas of Marxism, Communism and Socialism. As Dr. Richard Wolff puts it, he’s one of the biggest critics of Capitalism. Now I like Marx. I don’t always agree with him, but I like him and what he had to say. And it would ridiculous for me whole hearted agree with this one man. It would take away both mine and his individualism, which is UnAmerican…but then again so is Marx, so maybe I should whole heartedly agree with him.

People don’t like Marx because of the leaders that have decided to co-opt his message. The Marxist critics use the example of Joseph Stalin & Mao. But those leaders perverted what Marx’s message actually was and dipped in authoritarianism. Saying Stalin and Mao represent the word of Marx is like saying Jeff Bezos and the corporation of Amazon actually represent the sentiments of the Amazons from Greece! You know a group of women who believed in paying their workers a minimum wage and having them collapse from running around in warehouses grabbing shit for people to fill their houses with. That’s how they defeated the Spartans. They made them slaves in a system for profit.

And if you’re one of those people that say Marx’s philosophies led to most deaths, refer to my statement above. Capitalism will kill more people than Marx ever did using the idea of antiquated jobs. Plus Capitalism’s wars probably already has killed more people than Marx’s philosophies. That’s a major funder for Capitalism. Jeff Bezos’s Amazons have been waging war on the worker for ages and we’re all pretty exhausted of it.

But that was one of Marx’s major points. The industry would be in the hands of the workers. Worker Run Co-Ops. So instead of Jeff Bezos taking most of the profits from the company it would be more equally divided among the employees. And they would all make decisions for the growth of the company together. Instead of a small board of trustees and shareholders that determine the fate of the company and it’s workers. If they’re all for these football field sized warehouse, it would only be fair for Bezos and his buddies to do laps around these warehouses once a week. And based on how physically unfit I’m sure he is, it’ll take him a week for one lap and we begin again. Hey maybe then he’ll understand how Capitalism works!

I know what some of you are saying…”What about Denmark, Krish!? It’s a Capitalist country! Surely it’s working! And what about Europe!” Sure yes, Denmark and a lot of Europe are capitalist, but they’re heavily regulated. A word in America that means Communism and a totalitarian regime that’s coming for your family and your even more precious freedoms. They also mix it in with social programs for the people. Universal Healthcare, Free or almost free public education and the focus is to keep people happy with basic needs.

American Capitalism has run away like a horny Mustang fucking all the horses, cows and some sheep in the fields. In American Capitalism you have pay for happiness. And it’s taxed very high. Most of the happiness belongs to Bezos and his buddies. What they offer you instead of that is a warehouse and some clock that looks like Uncle Sam that every hour says “America means the freedom to work…all day and everyday!” That’ll keep that pesky happiness at bay.

Now Marx didn’t account for automation or changing dynamics of industry. To him he wasn’t about predicting the future, but giving us the tools to make a system that works for us. One of the critiques of Marxism is that we’d all wind up being poor. Well I’d rather us all be poor than a billionaire that can feed the world with half his wealth and the rest of us be poor on food stamps struggling to get by. At least then we’d all be poor together instead looking up at an ivory tower as the shelters wave saying how good of a job we’re doing. Besides money is an invention of humanity so why not just change the value of it so instead of us being poor, we’d all be rich. And look this is only the scratching the surface of what Marx believed. And these ideas aren’t liberal ones or conservative ones, they’re human ones.