The Dispatch! Summer Guncation!

Schools out! Summer is in session! While you’re at the beach, tanning and fighting off rogue seagulls not thinking about the next school year 2 different states just advocated for teachers having guns in schools. Which goes to show how broke America is right now. It’s merging cops, the military, mercenaries and educators into one job! This situation might get so bad that next school year we’re going to see the ’Student Lives Matter’! Which will of course spark outrage and controversy as the ‘Adult Lives Matter’ to counter it. And of course the NRA will come out something purely insane and nonsensical to help their bottom line with ‘Bullet Lives Matter’!

In Georgia, the Fanin County School Board voted to have teachers armed in the classroom! Teachers in Fanin County will be trained on how to use a pistol, shotgun, rifle, but they draw the line on bazookas and drone warfare! They’re going to wait till the Winter and Spring semester for that. Instead of detention, kids that need some discipline in Fanin County will be target practice. This gives new meaning to the phrase ‘scared straight’!

This caused a divide in the community. Some people don’t want their teachers to have but rather better budget to fix education. But others look at this as a way to reduce the time of action so they don’t have to wait for law enforcement at a time of a crisis. Ok, with the rate of school shootings these days that seems like a valid reason. But maybe we should focus on what causes these kids to want to get guns and open fire on their classmates in the  first place. This is a people issue so how about we use people to take care of each other instead of trying to kill the problem with more of the problem.

Now Texas Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick wants to have teachers wield guns, because as he told George Stephanapolis, “it’s guns that stop crime,” by creating more of it. All Dan Patrick has validated here is that guns kill people and that is their only purpose. How does a gun protect something? By killing it. What’s hunting? Murder for sport. The right to bear arms? Constitutional murder…as in anytime someone brings up the argument, they’re murdering the constitution by not really knowing what they’re talking about.

It’s the same reason socialism gets a bad wrap. People that don’t understand it keep saying they’re all about it. While people that do are silenced by authoritarianism masquerading as freedom filled capitalism!

Instead of arming teachers with tools to kill, we should be arming them with tools to educate! Why do we solve problems like we haven’t had any education? Oh right, because we spend more money on ways to kill each others than on educating each other. These ideas are well beyond our right to bear arms and more about our right to think logically and solve problems without loosing more lives. We can start having teachers that actually create a future that has teachers that teach, cops that protect & serve and a military that is regulated and mercenaries that live in comic books.