The Dispatch! End Of An Era

It’s after the Fourth of July and in the era of Trump it’s been a day of contention. First of all I think it shows us how we really divided everyone is by the use of the word ‘era’ to describe Presidencies. Bush era, Obama era, etc! 8 years shouldn’t be an era. For that matter neither is college. People always say ‘it’s the end of an era’ when they graduate when really it’s probably time for you stop drinking and smoking like your body isn’t collapsing like a dying star and start paying attention to the world around you. These aren’t eras!

Presidencies are a blip and it can be fixed if we all work together get what we need accomplished. And there in lies the issue with the Fourth of July these days. The celebration of the holiday leads to more divisive conversations with a lack of discourse. And it’s a fair assessment if we forget that the Constitution is a living document that can adjusted according to the changing times. The problem is we forgot that since we needed to extend that college era just a few more years and now we’re over run with Fuck boys and girls pretending everything was just fine.

This is part of the reason I’m kinda glad for the Trump Presidency. It got people to finally pay attention to things. Sure does these former fuck boys and girls understand the hypocrisies and issues within the immigration system or gun control? No, but at least we’re talking about it more and more instead of hiding from them like they’re wicked hangovers from a weekend bender of margaritas. Where this needs to go is understanding each other’s point of view, growing, learning and evolving as a group of people. I don’t like what the guy has to say or what he’s doing, but at least it’s not done in the dark anymore.

We’re divided because those in power want it that way. Its easy to pass tax reforms that kill the middle class and increase the power of cops and the military when people are arguing over who voted for whom and political what if scenarios. In the 80s and 90s there were a bunch of what if movies about what would happen if Hitler. They were ok and entertaining but that’s about it. What if scenarios aren’t real, and even though they are fun we can’t delude ourselves with them. But they can be fuels to further the goals.

The Hilary folks think this would be a better world if she had gotten elected, but she’d be business as usual and that wasn’t all that great. Trump is a result of a lot of different failures. His followers wanted to know they wouldn’t be left behind in a changing world. Hilary didn’t talk to them. Kinda like how you don’t really talk to a lot of your college friends. I mean you keep in touch, but you’re not as close as you’d like to be. That’s Hilary Clinton and the Democratic Party with blue collar working class. She’s even worse with the Progressives and Third Party voters. She’s the mean girl that got all of them drunk at the house party just to watch them throw up in the pool and awkward make out with each other.

The issue I have the current Left is its lack of leadership and constant attacking of allies. They still attack Trump voters and third party voters like it’s their fault Trump got through in a broken system of election fraud, voter disenfranchisement and corrupted corporate system that’s hijacked the political landscape. The current left is playing the blame game and losing people from their team and doesn’t have a goal. If the goal is for progressive ideals like getting people healthcare, food, shelter, water, and respect then we shouldn’t be playing the blame game, but rather attempting to achieve these goals by being truly inclusive.

These are goals for what Fourth of July actually stands for. The potential for America to actually stand for what the Constitution and the systems were meant to be for is incredibly high! It’s gonna take all of us to make that come to fruition. That’ll be the real start of the new era!