The Dispatch! Brett Kavanaugh & the Red Scare

I think we can all agree that Antonin Scalia was the Pandora’s Box of Supreme Court! After he passed away Obama nominated Merrick Garland and conservatives threw a fit like the children they were during the Obama administration! “The name’s too fruity!” They all cried outside the White House. So we go the conservative Judge Neil Gorsich appointed to the bench! And now with the retirement of moderate conservative judge Kennedy, Trump is appointed Brett Kavanaugh and the liberals are yelling “He’s not fruity enough!

But there is a lot of concern with the appointment of Kavanaugh. It’s a bit of Red Scare if you will. If you don’t know, Kavanaugh was recommended to Trump by the Federalist Society. Which sounds like the NeoCon secret shadow group that slowly creeping up to make sure the gay, liberal agenda is kept at bay. They have meetings every Saturday in their white, powdered wigs, pretending to be their favorite Founding Father and then attending church on Sunday morning to get forgiveness for their Eyes Wide Shut Saturday Night Gala.

And it’s not super far off. The important thing to know about the Federalist Society is what you need to curry favors from if you’re a law student that wants work within a Republican Administration. It’s like a governmental frat house and conspiracy theory all rolled into one. They might be against homosexuality but they’ll make you do some gay shit as they reveal who really killed JFK to get into their society.

Now Kavanaugh is a pretty conservative dude, that made his name in the DC lower courts on a case dealing with a immigrant minor who wanted to get an abortion. I’ll let you guess where he stood on it. He was against it, if you didn’t figure out. And this is the fear. Roe Vs. Wade might be danger with a Supreme Court that tilting to the right pretty hard. And there are some alarming things Kavanaugh suggested in the case dealing with the immigrant minor. Such as keeping her detained till she can’t get a legal abortion. Great, so overturning Roe Vs. Wade could lead imprisoning women. That’s not going to help with the Hypermasculinity epidemic, but might curb the population problem we have today…or worsen it. It could just yield a bunch of Catholics popping out kids non-stop.

But it’s not like women’s rights have been all that great. In recent years there are several States under the rule of the Red Scare…which is my cute nickname for Republican controlled states…where women have had to drive hours to get medical treatment. The weeks at which you can get a legal abortion has dropped to 11 weeks in some states and some states want that down to 6! That’s when a heartbeat is supposed be present.

We’ve also had a lot of misnomers about groups like Planned Parenthood who provide medical services to low income women. People think they have a baby killing machine and if we fund them they’ll build a satellite that can kill babies from space! So overturning Roe vs. Wade might worsen these ideologies. It’ll divide this country more than an actual debate on abortion.

Look if you’re a true freedom loving American you should be against the idea of overturning Roe Vs. Wade. Freedom means choice. The choice to have unprotected sex. The choice to get an abortion as a woman. The choice get a T-Shirt that says “Knocked Up and Knocked It Out Of The Vag”. But more importantly the choice to get educated and understand a point of view you might be missing. If you’re a conservative ask a women why she feels the freedom of choice of her healthcare and body is important. I’m sure she’d be able to explain it a better than I could.

Now Kavanaugh has said his judicial philosophy is to uphold the law and not make new ones. So technically speaking if he stays true to his philosophy he’d vote against overturning Roe Vs. Wade. But what might be the deciding factor is what the Federalist Society has on him. Are they going to release his initiation photos to the world? Look even if they do Mr. Kavanaugh, everyone does some gay shit in college, just ask most Republican Senators. Some of them carry it on later in life too.

If there does seem to a threat of overturning Roe Vs. Wade, I think fight isn’t in convincing Kavanaugh or Gorsich. It’s convincing the people that have decided to support under false pretenses. Give them an idea of why it’s important to keep a woman’s right to choose or LGBT rights. If they become financially unviable the only Red Scare will the fear of Republicans out of office.