The Dispatch! Authoritarian Affection

The hysteria surrounding Trump continues as he recently said that he’d Putin over the US intelligence community. Ok to be fair you just asked the guy if he’d rather be burned alive or frozen to death and you can’t say neither. Look it’s gotta be neither, I don’t think he wants to die or even knows that it is a possibility! Now, if you’re Donald Trump of course pick Putin. Partly because of collusions, not that he’s guilty, but rather the accusations.

The intelligence community has made him look dumb. Putin gave him a soccer ball. The intelligence community wants to put him jail. Putin wants to buy him a jail. The intelligence community is ready to watch the world crumble down upon him. Putin wants to help him build a hotel with his name in shiny lights!

Look, I’m not saying there was or wasn’t collusions with Russia on Trump’s part. But wanting peace with Russia should be on our docket. 2 nuclear super powers that been flexing their dicks for decades is giving this world too much anxiety. The Cold War is over and with the rate of climate change expanding it’s not going to be all that cold. And it’s going to get hotter if these 2 fragile egos get bruised enough to flex their nuts over the button.

That being said, I get the worries that Americans have about this. Russia has been a long time rival of America because it’s Communism vs. Democracy. The age of High School battle. But just like most rivalries, it’s because the two contenders are far too similar. Conquest for global domination, strongman attitudes, Capitalism. I think we should be concerned about how deep the Saudis control the States over Russia. There’s a slight chance that Russia controlled ONE election. The Saudis basically control our addiction. They’re our sugar daddies and they have the opposite beliefs that America does.

But there is one issue that gets brought up; Trump’s affinity to be attracted authoritarian leaders. From Putin to Erdogan of Turkey to Duterte of the Phillepenes. The last one’s War On Drugs is execute drug dealers! It’s taking the DARE program to new heights. They DARE you to say your last words! There’s a simple reason for this; Corporatocracy is Authoritarianism!

We live in a country where the corporate takeover of politics has happened in front of our very sleepy eyes. And Trump is result of that. He’s a businessman and he wants to run this country like his business. He’s the leader and there’s no one that undermines his authority. I’ve been in the corporate world where employee’s ideas have been taken by CEO’s, CFO’s, CMO’s and then regurgitated and used like it was theirs and everyone just has to applaud. Because we need those jobs to feed our families. You print out 3 copies of your daily report because that’s what your boss’s memo says, no questions asked.

This is the way Trump looks at this country and people like Putin, Erdogan and Duterte are his peers in that regard. Run a country with fear to have less dissent. It’s better for the bottom line of the country. And more importantly, you! We’re now living in a world where we could very easily get fired from a country. And then what? Do we have to apply for a new country? Better get that international resume in order. Although I don’t know if America being at the top of your resume is going to help much…especially if you want to get into Canada. Think of how divided the globe would be if that was the future we’re headed towards.

The bottom line is that Trump cares about Trump. He’s done whatever it takes to be the leader of company. Filed for bankruptcy, sold his own name, hired illegal workers, had children! And now he’s doing the same as the leader of the country, which is the same to him. This is the result of how deep the corporate state has gotten. And this one can’t really blamed on Russia.