The Dispatch! Stop Killing The Messengers!

Wikileaks. Sure it sounds like a website that itemizes the correct way to pee but in reality it’s been an important tool in journalism. Similar to how Wikipedia has become in an important tool for college term papers. And Wikihow has become a important tool to regaining ones curiosity and in some cases masculinity.

Wikileaks is a pretty controversial subject but real journalism often is. Julian Asange has been in the Ecuadorian Embassy for a few years now. Effectively in a prison of sorts for 8 years without being charged for a crime. So he’s like a pot smoker or black man in America. The only criminal charge he could have is “failure to surrender” which is a minor offense.

And really, failure to surrender is a crime? If Asange does go to prison, then the ripple effect will be to deem anyone with a critique of American or European Empirism as a failure to surrender since they are not complicit with what they’re told. Teenagers would be serving out life sentences according this crime! The only thing most teenagers have a hard time surrendering is their virginity. Ok fine, maybe that was just Teenage Krish!

His access to the internet has also been revoked when he tweeted against Spain using their police force to attack voters! Which means Spanish voters are the equivalent of Black people and Pipeline protestors in America. Revoking the Internet has to be a crime against humanity at this point! Take the internet away of any one of us and we will find a way to riot on the streets and bring the establishment to it’s knees to get the ability to post pictures of our food back. Asange sat in the Embassy very patiently. He should be getting a Nobel Peace Prize for at least that!   

The current reality for Julian Asange is that he might be forced out of the Ecuadorian embassy and instead of getting his freedom he might get turned over the UK authorities. His lawyer has said that this should count towards serving his sentence for not surrendering. Because it was reasonable thing to do, since the UK wanted to turn him over the US who wanted to prosecute him for publishing documents. Ok, then America has to charge every corporation with the same crime considering they make their employees publish meaningless documents day in and day out! What about bloggers?! Some of those bastards publish things on the daily!

Now I do understand some of the information that is leaked is meant to be classified but it usually ends up being some UnConstitutional Shit like killing civilians or spying on citizens or trying use Judaism against a Candidate running against anti corporate Senator. All real things that were revealed by leaks from whistleblowers!

The issue is that under US law revealing classified information is against the law. But I ask, isn’t it important to know the morality of your country?

Something we should also pay attention to is the fact we’re ready to kill the messengers instead of criticizing the actual crimes that were committed! And to anyone that has an issue with this I say, if a government doesn’t have anything to hide why attack and persecute whistleblowers for invading their privacy? Sounds like the public sector has a lot to keep private. Which proves that the public and private sectors are one and the same.

Glenn Greenwald addresses the issues in extraditing Asange. From a multi year trail to essentially agreeing the former CIA director Mike Pompeio and current race goblin Jeff Sessions are correct. Both have made claims that this would be a danger to our 1st Amendment. Quiet the contrary

The DNC is also against Asange because of the email leaks that presumably lost Hilary the election. That’s basically like saying “Oh she’s great till you get to know her. Then it’s a real mess. Under the pantsuit it’s just Goldman Sachs tattoos and oil money holding her together!” Instead of blaming someone for shedding light on the ugliness of your party maybe your party should be less ugly!

Prosecuting Asange would mean that all journalists can be treated this way. With hatred and vitriol. But more importantly all journalists are messengers. Corporate media is suckling at the tit of advertising and chaos, while the independent journalists are on the side of people and critical thinking. So if an advertiser thinks Chuck Todd isn’t representing them the right way they can take him to court. So regardless of where you stand on Asange we should be on the side of killing less messengers.