The Dispatch! All Shook Up!

There’s a shake up in the Democratic Party. “Krish are you talking about how more and more people realize that Hilary and the DNC stole the election from Bernie?” No, but I mean yeah they did do that.

Oh then you must be talking about how they don’t have any candidates to run against Trump in 2020” Uh, no, but I mean, yeah they don’t. “Well then you must be talking about how they are blaming journalists like Julian Asange for making Hilary look bad when it was Hilary that did to herself!” Well I’ve kinda talked about that already and that’s not it either.

Then it’s gotta that be that the Democrats much like the Republicans are in the pockets of big corporations and don’t care about people even though they shout the word Unions in their speeches!” Yeah they are, but no. Fuck they’re shook up bad! Look it’s the victory of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez over Joe Crowley in the primary! That’s the shake up.

People can’t stop talking about the Ocasio Cortez, a Puerto Rican, Woman that beat senior member of the Senate Joe Crowley in the primaries a month ago. She’s an open and up front Democratic Socialist, much like Bernie Sanders, the immortal jewish Senator that on a counter earth is the President. She’s for Medicare for all, free public tuition, abolishing ICE and reforming the immigration process. Joe Crowley is…well…honestly I don’t know much about him really. He seems like every other politician blending into the chairs of Congress behind stacks of corporate money.

Ocasio Cortez has talked about her efforts to run a grassroots campaign and energize people to get our to the polls and believe in the electoral process. Her argument is that “New York political machine isn’t going to care about her”. And that’s really what politics has become. A machine. Billowing smoke into the air, cold, steely, regimented. Not letting you think for yourself, but telling you what must be thought. Where as what we need is a person. That can hug us if we want to, without giving us tetanus. Yes. I’m saying that if we had a Democrat in office we’d have tetanus…but instead we have typhoid fever…and rubella with a Republican leadership.

What we need to realize is that this is not a win for the seat yet. Crowley can still win in November. So the fervor behind Ocasio Cortez can’t really stop after the summer. It’s gotta go to the polls with everyone. The machinery has its gear churning to make sure she doesn’t win the Senate seat. These include rumors about Crowley running on a Third Party but also Joe Leiberman using the Socialist bogeyman to scare centrist Democrats into keep things at the status quo. But the status quo…sucks. Like tetanus or rubella.

Yes, some of what Ocasio Cortez is saying is a bit too leftist even for me, but the primary things she stands for like Universal healthcare and education are things I’m on board with. If the Democrats want to take back Congress it’s going to have to come from energizing newer voters. They’re not doing that with bland career politicians that can’t roll their ‘R’s when they say Puerto Rico! Leiberman claims that her plans would bankrupt the country. Like we aren’t bankrupting ourselves already with pumping money into wars we don’t need to be in and supporting corporate oligarchs.

The Democratic Party is all shook up like a Can of Coke that endorsed them. And now the can has burst and they’re covered in sticky hot soda or pop depending on what lingo you want to use carbonated beverage that slowly killing from the inside. Someone has to clean them up. That’s what candidates like Ocasio Cortez, Steve Kling in Texas and so many others are doing. If you believe that people need to have power and a say in what happens to their lives in the country they live in then Democratic Socialism isn’t all that bad. Ocasio Cortez might not be perfect but she’s part of the clean up of the Democratic Party.