The Dispatch! Jeff Session’s Wet Nightmare!

As of right now, the state of Colorado has made over a billion dollars in marijuana sales. Or what Jeff Sessions calls his wet nightmare. Oh if you don’t know what that is, it’s like a wet dream dream but instead of waking up covered in your own seed and having to change your sheets, its you covered in shame & fear sweat and you have change your life.

Sessions believes that smoking the reefer is worst than being racist and killing people based on melanin content. He was all for the KKK until he found out that some of them smoked weed! Which to me is mind boggling that the Klan smokes a so called drug that helps you see how we’re all connected and yet still believes in superiority based on something as vapid as skin color. I think the Klan is either getting shit weed with no THC or they’re smoking oregano.

As of March of 2018, 7 states have marijuana fully legalized, 21 have it legalized for medical purposes. Now in Denver alone, 1/2 billion dollars was made in the sales of marijuana. And that money is now being used to help with the regulation of the industry, education of drugs or otherwise, affordable housing, manufacturing and helping folks that addicted opioids.

Now people have issues with this so called drug money being used to fund education. Ok if you have an issue with then make the government fund education services better. And make education more than just a letter grade and actually about learning things! Until then looks like weed is going to help the the future of this country learn critical thinking skills and our shared humanity. And it’s a big deal because the issues created by the pharmaceutical industry with opioid crisis is going to be taken care by not just marijuana sales, but the plant itself.

So the other factor that’s always talked about is crime. Less than 1% of the crime in Colorado is reported to be drug related. And yes there are burglaries. And some of them are of the dispensaries. But just because someone robs a bank, doesn’t mean we shut down the banks! God forbid, how would Wall St. fuck over poor people again if they were shut down. The only reason bank robberies are a big deal is because Banks want to be the ones doing the robbing. The real problem is Big Pharma which is a crime against humanity by monetizing health and pain. They’re pimps in lab coats, making us jump through hoops for our pain pills when they know damn well we just had knee surgery! And marijuana, wants to help fix these issues.

Recreational aside, there are immense medical benefits to the drugs we’ve considered illegal or Satanic. And I don’t have any gripes with recreational use of marijuana, but that’s just now how we’re going to get Sessions’ supporters on the side of legalization. They don’t like fun. Fun is evil. It makes them feel funny in the bathing suit area. To some of his supporters fun means fraternizing with the idea global diversity and accepting love in their hearts. Like Jesus. A brown, middle eastern Jewish Jesus. And yes, I am implying that Jesus smoked the refer.

But the medical benefits of marijuana have ranged from anxiety relief, decreasing seizures and cancers and that’s not only drug that is doing this. MDMA, LSD, Psilocibin and Ketamine are major alternatives to opioids and help treat depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts and more! And now we’re not talking about tripping balls to get well. Though when you do trip balls and see that your cells are connected to the cells every creature living and dead, it can help. Micro-dosing drugs like MDMA, Ketamine, LSD, has proven to help with pain and decreasing mental illness symptoms. These drugs have been demonized for years and now we’re doing the research to find out more and more that they have a bigger purpose. Like Jesus. Yes I’m implying that Jesus probably tripped balls.

People are tired of the opioid crisis creating a cycle of addiction and death. Doctors are prescribing Ketamine infusions, regulating and micro dosing psychedelics on patients because opioids are dangerous. Over half the states in this country have realized the potential of marijuana and have legalized it for at least it’s medical needs. The money made by this goes back into the economy of people rather than the corporate pockets to hock more pills that don’t work or make the situation far worse.

The only one that doesn’t seem to want to explore the alternative options that’s right in front of them is Sessions and his goons. Which only proves that they’re in the pockets of insurance companies, Big Pharma and profiting of the lives of poor people. Half a billion dollars in one city. Over a billion dollars in one state that is seeing an improvement in its citizens. Multiply that 50 the only thing we’re going to see an improvement in our entire culture, the state our education and the consciousness of our populous.

Jeff Sessions and his vehement denial of the good that comes with marijuana and psychedelics is proof that he’d rather keep us divided over melanin content, economic status and religious affiliation. When really all he has to do is bring those racists some weed and we’d probably start seeing a daisy chain of betterment in this country which means less profits for the polluters of the human soul. We could solve 300 years of racial divide in this country with a little puff puff pass. Till then Sessions and his goons will choose Poppin Pills For Profit, which is our wet nightmare we will continue to fight to change.