The Dispatch! Sanctions, Censorship & Frankenstein’s Democracy!

Economic Sanctions. They’re like the Facebook block of the political world. It’s like saying “Hey, we dislike you so much that we want to pretend you’re not real! Till you give us exactly what we want and say what we want to hear!” Right now, the United States has a bunch of sanctions on various countries like Russia and Venezuela.

The sanctions on Russia are for possibly meddling in the 2016 election that got Trump elected. And if that’s grounds for a sanctions, shouldn’t the DNC get sanctions put on them too for stealing the election from Bernie and coronating Hilary? Maybe that’s how we can get campaign finance reform in the States! By putting sanctions on the immorality of the 2-party system!

Venezuela is a bit more complicated and I’ll be honest here and say I haven’t done the full research behind the history of this country, but I can guess at the fact that since it sits on some of the largest oil reserves in the world, America wants in! They want to make Venezuela just like Puerto Rico. The 52nd state, with no American citizens. Fear not listeners, I’ll digging deeper into the Venezuelan-American relationship in the future!

The sanctions on Venezuela include sales of their oil, refining tools and even on their digital currency. This causes the country to face more issues than it solves, considering the poor people that want to escape the harsh conditions of the sanctions have no where to go but the country that placed the sanctions! And in true righteous form, America has not let Venezuelan refugees in, because we shan’t face the victims of the problems we create. Cause and Effect doesn’t exist in American Exceptionalism!

Among the various problems these sanctions will and have created, one of the more evident ones is the banning of Telesur English. Telesur is a government sponsored news source, much like PBS, NPR, BBC, Al Jeezera, RT and more! The sanctions has caused them to loose funding and some of their shows including the alternative, progressive news show, Empire Files with Abby Martin! Not only that, but Facebook had deleted Telesur English’s page without any warning and vague reasons about community standards.

Interesting that Facebook didn’t delete itself when it was selling information to Cambridge Analytica which is another reason Trump probably got elected. Which is a huge violation of community standards considering you shit on your the community you created! More importantly it’s proof that you can buy and sell the American election and anyone can get in on that game. So Facebook should have sanctions put on it till they learn to behave themselves and lookout for their users and spread of ideas, instead of the pocketbooks.

Why is the banning of Telesur English troubling? Well it began with Alex Jones’s show being taken off by every online media platform including Facebook. And while I’m no fan of his, I think censorship shouldn’t be controlled by private tech corporations. Getting Telesur English deleted comes after Facebook joined with the Atlantic Council, a lefty think tank that wants to preserve Western Ideology around the globe. This means that if something critiques these ideologies, they can use money to wish it away. Hence preserving what has become the main tenant Western Ideology. Money is God which is power which is the constant boner that old rich dudes can sustain. When in reality it’s just the pharmaceuticals they’re addicted to doing the job. And if they looked outside Western ideology they’d find that Eastern ideology can show you how use nature and your body to sustain all the boners for a lifetime.

Telesur English was a critical, alternative voice that covered Venezuela in a different light than the mainstream. If you want your citizens to be smart and think critically you would offer the oppositional voices and let them make up their mind accordingly. If not then you’re the only way you think you can combat authoritarianism is by becoming authoritarian. And if the opposite narrative that’s pitched by the mainstream is being blocked maybe all your doing is covering your tracks and maybe Western Ideology isn’t all that great. If you think yours is the best why not prove it by putting it up to the test with all other forms ideologies.

It’s like when you’re going through a divorce and you have your kids pick which parent they want to be with more. Usually the one that bribes the kid with treats isn’t all that great in the long run. They usually use money as an excuse to be a shitbag for a while. But the one that genuinely cares for you is there to give you emotional, rational and educational support and is wiling to be honest with you. The Atlantic Council & Facebook seems to much like the rich, abusive parent.

After the Alex Jones ban, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy said we need more actions like this to save Democracy. If Democracy needs to be saved by controlling what people and say and do, then it’s dead already. And creating a Frankenstein’s Democracy will only lead to more trouble. Plus it’s going be afraid of fire and that’s usually what happens when you spark a revolution. Lots of fire! Literal and Metaphoric!

Tech companies aiding government sanctions is proof that power structures are getting desperate. The Facebook block can’t work on educating people. Most alternative media is now being funded by the people and is for the people. Mainstream media and tech companies seem to be funded by agenda based think tanks and government stooges. If you actually believe in people and their intelligence, then you’d provide them with an alternative oppositional voice rather than putting sanctions on their thoughts.