The Dispatch! The Sadness of Donald Trump!

So in the last 2 years we’ve seen Donald Trump attack the media claiming they’re the enemy of the people. He’s not totally wrong, considering mainstream media only teaches the populous that discourse is who can scream their points and beliefs the loudest. Another enemy of people are kneeling Football players. But priest that make kids kneel for them are just fine because like the Donald they too falsely believe in a book they don’t really understand.

Now we can add protesting to the long list of enemies the President has declared. Ok, so protesters have been an enemy of Trump’s for a long time. In the past he’s called them out and encouraged violence towards them and is on verge of making sign making a treasonous crime. Which would be no surprise since when we want to take rights aways it always starts with the Art kids! And now he says it’s embarrassing to the country to have protester show up at a confirmation hearing. The kicker is that Trump claims he doesn’t know what side the protesters on half the time.

This sounds like senility right? When they’re holding “Down with Trump” signs, I think it’s pretty clear what side they’re on. Now this is another page Trump is taking out of the Dictator’s playbook. He’s claimed that it’s shows respect when Kim Jong Un speaks all his citizens stand up straight and listen. Or they’re standing up straight and dreaming of better life where they don’t have to live in fear and have a competent leader! Protesting is just a vocal version of that so really Donald’s getting better and more honest treatment than most dictators.

When London decided to have a inflated baby Trump for his visit he said he was offended and felt unwelcome. Similar to most immigrants in America when you generalize them to be rapist and killers. But now he doesn’t want to go to London, proving the Balloon right.

Really all this proves is that this is an old man that wants friends. He uses his toxic language and masculinity to impress everyone. He’s stuck in Middle School trying to get someone, anyone to dance with him. He makes the media, football players and protesters his enemies but in reality it’s the idea of rejection that he’s really mad about. But at this point in order for the American people to not reject him he’s going to have come to terms with Dictator envy and awful behavior and change or things will only remain the same and the glaring reality will be that no one is on your side.