The Dispatch! Death & Politics

Death is a part of life. Mostly because the living have to figure out what to do with the dead. Humans have various rituals involved to get the dead from the place of departure and attempt to get their body back to nature. Despite the fact that our rituals probably don’t return these bodies to the Earth from whence they came because of the literal boxes we put them in. And now a new ritual we have is shitting on the recently deceased because we don’t like them or their politics. In recent months, death has become part of the controversy of politics with the passing of leaders like John McCain and George Herbert Walker Bush.

Now these are both part of the Conservative leadership in America and automatically makes them bad people who deserved death. That’s usually the view from the far left. Left puts up memes about Satan meeting with Bush and McCain, which is interesting that the left believes in a kind of fundamentalist religiosity. But the question must be asked; Can you remember the accurate legacy of someone and still be respectful to the dead? Sure, but I don’t think society is trying hard enough to achieve that.

Look I think the loss of life is sad. That being said we can be honest with each other say maybe these people that were revered as leaders did something that were less than pleasant and we should remember them for who they are as lesson to the future of what we don’t want to become. At this point we are using death as means to erase our own history with the help of corporate media and thinking truthfulness isn’t polite.

Bush 41, which is what I’m calling HW, and I know it sounds like it’s his football number, but I think he would liked that you know. He did have trouble with his masculinity. Anyway, Bush 41 lied to people about the death of babies in a hospital in the Middle East to get people rallied up for War and probably also antiabortion sentiments. He pardoned other war criminals and was part of the secret Skull & Bones organization at Yale. He was the director of the CIA and had deep ties to them throughout his life. Eventually he was ousted by Bill Clinton.

In a recent clip shared by the shills over at CNN, they played a clip of Bush 41 talking about his friendship with Bill Clinton at some award ceremony. Clinton came out and hugged Bush 41. This is glaring proof about how we don’t actually have 2 parties in this country. We have one party that pretends to be against each other but in league with each other and the corporations and the deep state that own them. Pretending to care about diversification is the Democrats favorite tactic.

Look how nice we are to minorities and the other in our society! Vote for us so we can keep pretending to give you democracy and rights!

As I mentioned before, Bush 41 was constantly called a sissy and was said to not be tough enough. He sure proved us wrong with the wars he started! He sure proved us wrong by using the men & women of the middle & poor class to go kill people for oil. He showed how tough he was by having other people fight his wars for him.

Ok, I know I’m being a tad harsh, but harsh was the decisions Bush 41 made as a leader. And I fear that his latent need to be the tough guy is in psyche of most of the American Leadership. The idea that we can bulldoze and get what we through dominance is the very nature of America. So people like Bush who were less than physically equipped had use manipulation and lies in their favor to convince the people their words were so tough that we have to be their action. And this mentality is very evident in our current leadership with Trump’s strongman points and bombastic twitter rants. Which I doubt was sentence any of us thought would be relevant 5 years ago.

This is the true, unfortunate legacy of someone like Bush 41. Sure he was good speaker and was cordial with an opponent, but it was mostly a front. Or it seems like that based on the rest of the actions he took. But this is not saying that he deserved to die a horrific death or Dick Cheney drank his blood to sustain his own life. It’s merely remember that this guy was more flawed and his flaws had consequences. If we can look at that and learn from them, our society can grow and renew itself for the better.

Like how our deaths are supposed to do that for nature. And in this way at least, we can really make Death a part of life.