The Dispatch! Yellow Vests & Suit Jackets

The world was stunned at the defeat of Right Wing Nationalist Marie Le Penne in France. Emmanuel Macron seemed like the centrist candidate that was going to help France rise to the top and make sure we weren’t in the darkest timeline. But that was not the case. As much as he talked about helping the people of the nation, it became very evident that he was side of the corporations and the elites.

France recently saw one of the largest protests by the Yellow Vests to regain the rights of the people and make Macron stand by his words rather than keep them as platitudes. These protests were sparked by the fuel tax that Macron was proposing as a way to fight Climate Change. Ok, it seems pretty noble. Decrease the use of diesel in your country to battle Climate Change, but that doesn’t really work unless you bring an alternative to the table, which Macron didn’t really do. If he would’ve said, that this tax would mean a surge of Solar or Wind power then maybe people wouldn’t have to bring the fury of the Sun and Wind down up on the city.

Now most of the US corporate mainstream media didn’t cover the protest. And if they did it would’ve had the usual flavor of “get a job you protestors!” To which I have 2 things to say. One: Because of the fuel tax, they can’t afford to go to their job because not only would this affect drivers but also public transportation! Not all of us can afford to hire people to chariot you to your factory of lies! Two: Pay them better for their labor and this tax hike wouldn’t really be an issue.

Because concerns like these weren’t really taken into account, Macron came off as arrogant and privileged! Macron was the Minister of the Economy in 2016 and said the best way to pay for a suit is by working to a labor unionist. It seems odd to me that these champions of Capitalism have to wear a 3 piece suit to show people that they worked hard and are better than everyone. Maybe if Macron would stop wearing suits and wore a T-Shirt every so often there’d be enough money to pay everyone a living wage. Besides don’t you just take off your suit jacket when you get inside? What’s the point of have 3 pieces to your uniform of elitism when one them never gets any use? It’s like you’re a walking talking vision of excess and you want everyone to know it.

Ok, I know some of you are saying “Krish we’ve seen you wear various articles of clothing on stage including a suit jacket!” And you’re right, but there’s a purpose. I have a body that doesn’t retain heat and must wear layers to not freeze whilst performing the art of dissent. Plus I only get suit jackets from bankers that have failed. And they have to be my size. That’s why I only have like 3 suit jackets.

But this protest was about more than just about the Tax Hike. It was about the growing disparities between corporations and a government cutting safety nets for the people and give themselves a big break. If Macron really stood for Climate Change Reforms then he should be putting stronger regulations on companies that pollute and are adding to the Climate Crisis. He should give incentives to companies that working on ethical means of energy distribution. He would act on his platitudes instead of pat himself on the back saying nice things every so often.

America could take a few lessons from the French. Now I know there’s some people in America asking why we should care about France, especially since they didn’t change their name to Freedom when we changed the name of the fries that originated in their country but this is important! We should be uniting under the idea that we can work together and push a government to make legislation that benefits and improves the lives of people instead of corporations. As much as we want to believe corporations are people, I don’t think a concrete slab has to pay rent, eat food or worry about the quality of its water. When a corporation has to do that then we can treat it like it’s a person. Till then, we’re going to be looking for own Yellow Vests to dawn and fight for the things that matter.