The Dispatch! Shutdown The Wall

America likes holding records! And because of that we’re headed to longest government shutdown in the history of this nation. Take that past America, you ain’t that big! This current government shutdown is because of Trump’s need for $5.7 billion to fund his biggest promise to his base, the Wall. And of course, corporate media gets it’s ratings hard-on. CNN is loving it. They have little counter on the bottom about how long the shutdown is. Fox News is working on theirs, but it just counts the number of immigrants deported. To corporate media this is just a fun game like Wheel of Misfortune or the Price is Fucked! What else would expect from a group of people who’ve only experienced bankruptcy when it comes to their morality.

At the end of the day corporate media, Donald Trump, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi or even the ICE agents aren’t going to affected by the government shutdown. Yet again, the arguments of rich people yield terrible results for the people at the bottom! The average citizen is affected in various ways. First off, your tax refunds could be late because the IRS doesn’t have enough employees that understand the changes to the tax codes. I’m astounded there was anyone that understood the tax codes!

The food stamp program could run out of money by February. And I’m sure there’s a few of you that saying “well good, those lazy bastards should get a job”. Well they do have jobs. They have 2 or 3. But America is too busy worrying about physical barriers rather feeding it’s hardworking citizens so here we are. And you can’t really make the argument that the wall is a physical thing that’ll show results, because you can see the physical results of hunger real fast. When the fast food worker can’t afford the thing McDonald’s has labeled food they’re reheating for you, there will be cannibalism on the streets. And that’s results you can really count on.

Parks departments are closed. Small businesses and farms might not get the grants they need to operate. But fear not, the prisons are still running. Can you eat corporate slavery? Have they made that into a so called happy meal yet? And more importantly does it come with a toy?

Now a lot of people want the Wall to decrease the amount of illegal immigration in America, because open fields have always been the problem. Not the fact that America’s advertising budget is mostly spent on flexing our nuts about how great it is and how great we’re going to make it. Actually most of the illegal immigration comes from that fact people overstay their student and/or work visas. The problem is administrative. And you can’t build a wall to fix that. We’ve tried.

Corporations have taken over government and working in tandem with them to install cubicles, the Wall of offices and happiness, to take care of that problem, and it turns out, that hasn’t worked. The problems are still there. It’s almost like there’s something wrong with the process and the system that enforces it and it not some kind of physical thing. Look, yes, it’s not ok that these folks over stayed their visas or crossed a border in secret to get here. But ask yourselves why someone do that. It’s not like the States isn’t blatantly aggressive towards to the immigrants. It’s because they’ve built a life a here, or are trying to and that doesn’t seem possible where they’re from. If you read up on history you’ll find that Interventionism and flexing nuts has somethings to do with it.

In his address, Trump talked about how these illegal immigrants are having kids that are pawns in a game to stay here. Games like Let’s Make A Deal, Jeopardy or Family Feud. Now if the problem is that these kids are being used as pawns, then the Republicans basically has no defense against Planned Parenthood. All the Republican Party has done for the last decade at least is use kids as a pawn for lies. If they really cared about these kids then they’d push to build a better education system, better roads and not trash parents that have to use government assistance feed their kids sometimes. So if you want to use kids as a pawn in your agendas you better show us that you actually care. Till then maybe shut up and don’t put them in a fence in an abandoned Walmart.

Trump also addressed the California police officer who was killed by an undocumented immigrant. With his highlight of this story all he’s really done is show people that there is one side to immigrants. Killers. They’re lurking in the dark waiting for an opportunity to kill you and then live in your skin to acquire your citizenship! Over the top, not according to Trump. Gross, yes. The reality is that most undocumented immigrants don’t break the law. This is a very small occurrence. The death of anyone is sad, but smearing an entire group of people and using death as a pawn to push a hate-filled agenda is disrespectful to everyone involved in this tragedy.

The other big fear is drugs. Look, if you want to say that immigrants are THE issue surrounding drug use in the United States, I’d recommend you remove that briefcase full of dollar bills that in your ass, making you speak like a puppet of your pharmaceutical pimps and think clearly. An ass is no place for briefcase. Unregulated Big Pharma has addictive drugs on their rotation that they up charge, leading people to turn to the illegal stuff. If you want to really help the issue of drug abuse in this country, how about funding research into things like Ketamine, Kratom, psychedelics and programs to help addicts instead of shaming them.

Now the big claim to fame about the Wall, aside it insulting the inventor of the Wall, is that Trump was going to make Mexico to pay for it. And according to him he did with a Trade deal. He traded their payment of the Wall for his dignity. I still feel like Mexico got a bad deal there, but then again if you look at history, Trump is full of bad deals. Mexico is not and will not pay for this wall. The people that are affected by this shutdown will. That’s you and me folks. Whether you support Trump or not won’t matter when we can’t make food, have roads to drive on or schools to educate ourselves in.

Really if he’s smart, he can just reallocate $5.7 billion from war budget and call it a day. Liberals will happy that the war budget went down and the conservatives will be happy they get another wall, pushing us one step closer to becoming a shitty Stephen King novel. Aren’t we supposed to be in a dystopia, not a cheap horror story produced by the USA network?

This wall or steel slats will only further the laundry list issues of immigration. This counter measure will lead to more creative & possibly extreme means of getting into the country. Possibly a literal Underground Railroad. The immigration system has a lot of holes in it. Instead of real reform that includes fixing things like allocation, loopholes, and the necessity of a TSA, we’re scapegoating. Trump’s scapegoating is very similar to his base’s. Trump is afraid of his base. His base is afraid of being obsolete. If this becomes the longest shutdown of America’s history, no one will give out an award, but we will all become obsolete. And obsolete is the worst game we can play. Someone is always cheating in that game.