The Dispatch! Guilt of the Shadows: The Julian Asange Arrest

Recently Journalist and King Whistleblower, Julian Asange was arrested by the British Police for the minor crime of skipping bail for a case that was dropped. To catch you up to speed, basically Julian Asange, who ran Wikileaks, in conjunction with the now Chelsea Manning, revealed US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq, which included killing journalists. Being that Asange was a journalist, he felt that this was important to reveal. Manning was thrown into prison and Asange became criminal for revealing, crimes. By this logic everyone that has participated in CSI show should be getting 5-10 years too. 15 if we want to count bad scripts and acting. Every prosecutor and judge should fill the prisons with the criminals they obviously ratted out!

Asange was offered asylum in an Ecuadorian embassy and has been there for the last 7 years. In 2017 the new Ecuadorian President made life a lot harder for the isolated newsman by cutting off his internet. He apparently also asked Asange to clean his bathroom. Basically the new Ecuadorian President was like the new step parent that came into the house and played hardball. So like a teenager, Asange didn’t do what he was told. Which should come as no surprise considering he was reporting on things that he wasn’t supposed to!

Now he also claimed Asange attacked the guards! Which there is no evidence of at this point and even if he did, that’s just a consequence of taking the internet away from an isolated person! You took away their only connection to the outside world and also porn! The New Ecuadorian President basically said he was sick of Asange and gave the British police the authority to arrest him. Which is the worst way to try to enforce the “my house, my rules” law! Asanage is currently being indicted by the United States for helping Manning crack a password to classified files that revealed war crimes…and also for being a messy messy boy.

Now there’s a lot to unpack and I will unpack it on my deep dig web series, Fork Full of Noodles, but this should get everyone enraged and engaged. There’s a lot of people against Asange and want to see him behind bars. Particularly Hilary Clinton and her Clintfemmes. Wikileaks revealed a lot of chatter between the Hilary camp and the DNC about knocking out Bernie Sanders from the race, including using Bernie’s judaism against him. The irony is that Hilary and the DNC were going to try anti-Semitic tactics and Julian Asange is being called a Nazi for supposedly helping Trump out. The psyche of the left remains as shattered as the Party that claims to represent it.

People like Jeremy Corbyn and Tulsi Gabbard have protested the arrest on their public platforms. And a lot of progressive commentators have done the same. I also stand by Asange and other whistleblowers like Manning & Snowden. They showed us not only what these governments are doing in the shadows, but how far they will go to keep things out of the light. The desperate attempts to call journalists and heroes frauds, more torture and a vast array of propaganda are in the tool belts to keep their guilt in the dark. They revealed that the American government is ready to tip its toes into fascism to protect itself from the guilt of all the crimes it commits. And how they will control the freedom of speech.

Corporate news talking heads are opposite camp and claim these people are traitors to the American way. And of course that’s their position. They represent these shadows and as long as they say what they’re told they’re not at risk of losing anything. We the people on the other hand will lose what little we have left. After the loss of pushing conspiracy theories like Russiagate, the fractured psyche of the left clung on the fact that it was Asange who must be a secret Russian that revealed the DNC emails that cost Hilary her coronation. Which makes sense, because Asange was obviously using the internet which is clearly a tool for sending election controlling memes. Looking if memes can bring down an election, maybe your country isn’t ready for voting.

No one is taking accountability for the fact that Hilary Clinton herself is responsible for various regime change wars. Or that she stole the election from Bernie Sanders. Or that she ran a shit campaign and nobody was excited to vote FOR her but had some people voted AGAINST Trump. Or that the media that’s framing Asange is responsible for giving Trump more air time than any other candidate! Or how about the fact that Democrats don’t talk to a vast majority of the country or stand for the working class.

Basically after the 2016 the corporate liberals and a faction of the left smashed all their mirrors so they don’t have to look at themselves for the problems they created.  Ask yourselves what kind of a country would want to keep things in the dark? Probably ones that have a lot of things they know to hide; things they know are wrong and would have the world take their global policing powers away from them. Ask yourself why a country would have to spy on its citizens and be afraid of dissent?  Creating this drama around Asange, Manning and Snowden the American people have forgotten he crimes of the shadows.

We should all be telling the United States that journalists like Asange should be protected and not in prison. If criminals like the Clintons, the Trumps and the Wasserman-Schultz’s get walk around free of charge than Asange should too. Case closed.