SOMEONE TO VOTE FOR: Tulsi Gabbard vs. Kamala Harris

2020 is fast approaching. Well it’s been fast approaching for those that think that a new President will magically fix everything that old one did. Unfortunately that’s not how history, logic, time or rationality work. If magic was real then, David Blaine would be a God and Chris Angel would narcissistically live up to his name. So really for those that understand how time and history works, 2020 is 9 months away. Enough time to make a baby…hopefully a logically one.

But since there is a lot of hype around this upcoming election and a lot riding on it for those yearning for complacency, let’s looking to some of the upcoming Democratic candidates. Since last time people were voting against a candidate, I think it should be more important to vote FOR someone. So one of the goals of this series is to find out what people will be voting for. So this week let’s start with 2 women who are connected to me my identity. And as we all know, identity is the only thing that should and will drive politics according to the DNC. We look at Tulsi Gabbard and Kamala Harris.

Kamala is the daughter of 2 civil rights activists. She’s a half black, half Indian woman that rose through the ranks of California’s criminal justice system. That checks off 3 boxes for the Democrats. Tulsi is the daughter of a conservative Hindu activist. She’s served in the military and is outspoken about regime change wars and the DNC’s unfair treatment of America’s real grandpa, Bernie Sanders. That’s the elevator pitch, now let’s get a little deeper.

Kamala Harris is running as a progressive, which is one of the funniest things a non-comedian has ever said. She one of the many candidates that receives money from big financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo. It’s about $44k. She receives $22k from Highmark, an insurance giant and a ton of money from the movie industry. Disney, Universal and 20th century are all donors. Looks like someone is trying to leverage her potential Presidency as a movie.

I can see the preview now! The announcer begins, “The struggle was real!” And it’s Kamala in a board room alone, crying. “WHY WON’T BELIEVE THAT I’M A PROGRESSIVE!” She throws a chair across the room and looks up into the camera and says “It’s time to use the socialism boogeyman! I will win at all costs!”

That shit is scarier than Thanos.

Tulsi has raised most of her money from actual people. A majority is from retirees. There’s some from a fitness gym in Hawaii, a sportswear company in Jersey and a Head & Neck Doctor’s place that wants to share joy and laughter with their patients. Funny doctors are the worst aren’t they. So at this point, the reality says Tulsi is far more progressive because she’s actually funded by and is a voice for the people.

Harris keeps saying that she wants to be the voice for the voiceless. I’m pretty sure we all know that corporations aren’t silent! They’ve got ads speaking for them, lawyers and politicians! People are becoming voiceless and based on the checks she’s cashed, they are not who’s she’s going to be voicing.

Now as a District Attorney Harris was pushing a ‘Smart on Crime’ initiative. She wanted to make sure that non-violent drug offenders were back at work instead returning to a life of crime. This was part of the ‘Back On Track’ program that was intended to reduce recidivism in Prisons. But if she really wanted to put things ‘Back On Track’, she would pushed to decriminalized and legalized marijuana, so less non-violent people are in prison. You can put America ‘Back on Track’ by pushing for a nationwide reformation on marijuana laws.

But in her efforts to decrease recidivism, she created more people to feed into the system. Her truancy bill penalized poor kids when they’d skip school, claiming that was the gateway to crime. It would put kids in court to get them back in class. All this teaches kids that they need to think creatively to get out of a box that stifles them or doesn’t feel natural. That pushes them further into crime. This isn’t an issue of criminal kids, it’s an issue of an unamendable and rigid education system that isn’t meant for everyone!

Harris’ own father went against her when Kamala Harris used her father’s Jamaican identity to say she has in fact consumed the marijuana. He basically said he wants to distance himself from her because she dragging the family name through the mud because she’s using her identity for political gain and espousing stereotypes. Tulsi on the other hand has distanced herself from her father’s conservative views on the LGBTQ community and apologized several times about possible harms to the community based on her beliefs she held as a child. Plus her voting record proves it.

Tulsi is also pro-legalization to decrease and end the prison industrial complex. The legalization will also help several people suffering pain and mental illnesses and address the opioid crisis across the country too. Tulsi has also come out to stand up for Julian Asange who has been wrongfully imprisoned for the crime of being a real journalist! The silence of Kamala Harris on this issue is deafening.

Now as an Attorney General, Harris’ team of lawyers came out and said they don’t want to shut down the prison industrial complex because it would decrease the amount of things we get from prison labor! Apparently she wasn’t aware that was statement her team was going to run with. Now if she wasn’t aware of what her team might do in one small office in one state, how can we  expect her know what’s happening in the whole country and connect with the world.

Despite her push for body cameras she wouldn’t take her time to speak up about investigating police shootings. She lost support from cops and activists for police reform. Too much silence is the loudest answer we could ask for. Kamala Harris was waiting for the status quo to settle things on its own. Since then she’s been trying to transform the Criminal Justice System. She has voted for legalization and legalizing hemp.

Ok, so where is Tulsi in all this. Well Tulsi Gabbard has been an outspoken critic on the crimes of the government. Like creating a bill that allowed the NSA and other Deep State organizations to spy on it’s citizens. And once that was revealed not to the stop the behavior but extradite the person that revealed the wrong doing! She’s actually in favor of holding those in power accountable for their wrong doings. If you’re against Snowden then you’re basically saying you’re pro-peeping Toms.

In terms of Prison Reform, Tulsi does want to see the Private for profit prisons end. Plus when we condemn someone to prison she has talked about how it affects their lives not just on a professional level but also on a social & personal level. If you’ve served jail time, it’s harder to get a job and in some states you can’t vote. Obviously because criminals will vote for other criminals, in which case most of Congress should be on board with this idea.

Tulsi is one of the only candidates that has addressed America’s crime of creating regime change wars. She’s done so on a Corporate media, effectively killing their war boners. And we all know that’s the only way most of these corporate mouthpieces can maintain a chubby now is by know they caused the destruction of a far away country for oil but most importantly lying about freedom!

Now I can’t fail to mention that Tulsi does have some controversy surrounding her in some progressive circles because of her ties to the Hindu Nationalist party in India. The BJP is the party of Prime Minister Modi and she has shown that is friendly with them. First of all she’s on the Committee of Foreign Affairs, so she has to be diplomatic to nations that might not be as open as America is. Considering America has business dealings in India and vice versa going in and telling them that their conservative views on the Gays won’t be tolerated by the high order of command of the Eagle God of America, isn’t going to go over very well! Secondly, conservativism in India is bit blurred than it is in America.

Now both Kamala and Tulsi are for Medicare for All, but it’s hard to believe it from Kamala Harris when she’s taking 22k from an insurance company. At least Tulsi is backed by a doctor that wants to laugh, which we all is know is the best medicine and you can get that by going to see your favorite DIY comedian for only $5-$10 when they come to your city! Sorry for the shameless plug.

Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to be genuine. The problem is that she claims she’s never wavered in her beliefs but track record and inaction shows other wise. Tulsi Gabbard has been outspoken and critically about the faults of our system and done something about it. She’s not after the Presidency for sake of power or even a movie deal, but rather for the people. And that’s a candidate we can vote FOR!