The Dispatch: President Comedian & the Maddow Effect

Vlodymir Zelensky is a Ukrainian Comedian that played the President in a television show…which was just his way of being real method when he would get the job in real life! That’s right Ukraine has a comedian for a President, and he’s taking things very seriously. I can’t imagine if a comedian in the States became a President. I feel like that would mean that every Tuesday would be an open mic at the White House. The Air Force One Mic To Rule Them All. Pat down by the Secret Service at 5pm, Sign ups at 6, doors at 7, show at 8pm. The State of the Union would just become 4 Netflix specials. And the White House Correspondents Dinner would have comedians laughing at corporate media for calling themselves journalists.

Silly MSNBC, if you were real journalists you’d all be in prison, because that’s what we do with real journalists.

Zelensky wasn’t taken seriously since he was just a comedian by the candidate surrounded by corruption, Petro Poroshenko. In fact Poroshenko called out Zelenksy for being a coward and not stepping up to a debate. Zelensky of course didn’t back down and retorted by challenging Poroshenko to the debate in the olympic arena, in front of actual Ukrainian citizens, with journalists present on Live television. All things we should take cues for the upcoming American Debates. Now this would mean that Cuomo, Tucker, Maddow, Hannity, and anyone that works for the Washington Post, aka the Bezos Factory of Fun Facts, won’t be invited to these debates.

Zelensky wasn’t taking on political strategies. He is pro-Western partnership while trying to make peace with Russia. This is a strategy that says that he is for the Ukrainian people, regardless of their political affiliations. So if you’re a pro-Russia Ukrainian or Pro-West, you get treated the same and his policies will help both sides. Now Poroshenko tried to pin him as a Russian stooge, or as it’s now known as the Maddow Effect! But much like the Maddow Effect if you have a functioning pre-frontal cortex and logic, it will fail. As it did in Ukraine.

The major thing a lot of Ukrainian citizens liked about Comedian and now President Zelensky is that he’s taking an anti-corruption stance. Unlike Poroshenko. Poroshenko went as far as using anti-semitism in claiming that Zelensky has ties to a Jewish TV mogul. The one that owns the network that he works for! HOW DARE HE BE EMPLOYED! Poroshenko claimed Zelensky doesn’t know the Ukrainian language and that he was a traitor to country! But that was proven wrong when Zelensky spoke Ukrainian and pushed the slogan “I will not betray you!”

Now the West, mainly the United States, thinks that things will back fire on the new President as he will be forced to pick between Russia or the West. And that choice is going to be forced on to the Ukrainian people by the WEST! “USA! USA! USA! You have to pick the USA!” America is still stuck in the glory days of the 50s and 60s when McCarthyism was popular. And it’s being pushed by Liberal DNC Queen Puppet Rachel Maddow. I guess this is what Donald Trump meant to “Make America Great Again!”. McCarthyism surrounding his sub-par Presidency. The irony is that it wasn’t Sean Hannity that made Trump’s slogan true, it was Maddow. I wonder if Maddow dreams in all Red.

Now Zelensky has a lot of work cut out for him, but his election proves a few very important things. Firstly if we the people flood the elections there’s less of a chance it’ll be stolen from us by those securing their place at the top. It also proves that average people can become politicians. It validates the election of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Illhan Omar, who were regular average people that became politicians instead of being born into it. It proves that people can represented by their own and corruption can be defeated. The fight is not over. But we did gain some traction towards a pretty big win proving the biggest punchline is those that think money will always speak for the people.