SOMEONE TO VOTE FOR: Keeping Silent With Joe Biden

Joe Biden is running for the Presidency in 2020. This has all of us asking…why? Who the hell asked you to? Nobody was saying “Oh man you know who should run for the highest office in America? That creepy grampa that’s gonna make you sit on his lap whether you like it or not! No no not Santa Claus, Joe Biden!” No one is asking for Joe Biden to run. But now that he is, corporate media is fawning over him. CNN has claimed that he’s leading the polls! That’s right, he’s leading the polls as long you don’t take into account the thoughts and opinions of anyone under 50. That means CNN doesn’t care what future voters say, but then again nor does Joe Biden!

There is a viral clip going around where Joe Biden says there’s no empathy for the Younger Generation. This is from January 2018 and I’d like to read the full response that Joe Biden made that day, instead of just the short clip.

I only had two political heroes in my whole life — and this is not new, I’ve said this since 1972 — Dr. [Martin Luther] King and Robert Kennedy. And up to that point there was a war raging, there was a bitter fight over even whether we should talk about the environment, women were still viewed as second-class citizens and not prepared to have significant jobs — thought that. And we were told — people didn’t talk to one another over the war — and we were told ‘Drop out, go out to Haight-Ashbury, get engaged.’ You know, shortly after I graduated in ’68, Kent State, 17 kids shot dead. And so, the younger generation now tells me how tough things are — give me a break! No no, I have no empathy for it. Give me a break. Because here’s the deal, guys — we decided we were going to change the world, and we did. We did. We finished the civil rights movement to the first stage. The women’s movement came into being. So my message is ‘Get involved.’ There’s no place to hide. You can go out and you can make all the money in the world, but you can’t build a wall high enough to keep the pollution out. You can’t not be diminished when your sister can’t marry the man or woman, the woman she loves. You can’t — when you have a good friend being profiled — you can’t escape this stuff. And so, there’s an old expression my philosophy professor would always use, from Plato: The penalty good people pay for not being involved in politics is being governed by people worse than themselves. It’s wide open, go out and change it.

That’s right Joe Biden doesn’t care that most Americans between 18-49 have to say! They work multiple jobs, a lot can’t afford health insurance and can’t afford a $1000 emergency! He’d like a break guys! He’s tired of facing reality and really needs a break. Sidebar: This week’s Biden Sponsor is Kit Kats. Kit Kat’s now softer for the elderly so the can finally get that break. Most of the younger people that know of Joe Biden either are dreaming of the days of Obama level complacency or as the touchy creeper that trying to suck the youth of little girls.

Biden’s full quote addresses the fact that America didn’t talk about issues of the environment and women in the work place and war, and the fact that we are, it’s time the Kids shut up about it, so the American Establishment Elite can go back being miscreants in the dark! Imperialism much like Fight Club and isn’t to be talked about! According to Joe Biden its rude when people address the shortcomings of a tyrannical government that willing sell its own people for profit and is pretending to be a Democracy, much like how Biden is pretending to be a Democrat.

If he cared he would give the people some specifics about his healthcare plans and why he opposes Medicare For All. For someone that is consistently been sucking the life out of the youth for a long time, would want to have healthy youth to suck the life from! Biden recently said he doesn’t have time to talk about Healthcare! He’s too busy putting out horrific policies that perpetuate racism and telling kids to get off the his lawn! Joe those are the CNN reporters that here to suckle at your tit!

Ok, so let’s address the sucking of the youth issue here. He’s been a center piece is what should’ve probably been the latest #MeToo take down. Uncle Joe, living up to the stereotypical reputation of all creepy Uncles, was shown and called out for grabbing women, leaning in to smell them and then kiss their forehead. There’s photos of this all over the internet…for years! YEARS! It gets me thinking, are people just trying to take down someone in a position of power or was Uncle Joe part of some creepster cabal that really was absorbing the youth from people.

But the Me Too Movement not only goes against his super villain type behavior but also against the last part of his little speech about the Youngsters getting involved. People are involved in political and social movements. And it’s younger people who are starting to lead the charge and ask questions to people in the Establishment Elite. Either Joe Biden is totally out of touch or going senile. Or both. And if he’s not able to get that taken care of, maybe the healthcare is system is more fucked than we thought. And if he is able to take care of it and isn’t, do we really someone like that in office?

But Biden’s been on the forefront sexual assault issues since the 90s! He was part of the Senate Judiciary committee that was interviewing Justice Thomas, who was on trial for a pattern of sexually harassing women, particularly Anita Hill. He’s on record to call what Anita Hill was saying as “he said, she said” and that what she was doing was “character assassination”! It’s great to see that Biden is consistent in telling people that criticizing the system in action is the wrong thing to do. Silence is the answer to Joe. If we all shut up long enough, Joe can take his nap dreaming of a world where he’s touching everyone he wants and putting more black people in prison.

Now Biden did apologize to Anita Hill, saying he’s sorry for the way she was treated. But it seems like Anita Hill wanted more. When he was on the View, Biden claims he did nothing wrong. Just like all the people he put in prison with his Tough on Crime bill. Anita Hill wasn’t particularly thrilled with his apology but is willing to give him a second chance. Will he use it? Who knows? Unless Biden comes out with a great plan to revoke Brett Kavanaugh’s seat in the Supreme Court I doubt any woman who’s been sexually harassed by their superior will be voting for Old Joe.

Biden did also come out with a sort of apology video about inappropriate touching, which basically had him saying that he connects with people through touching and physical contact and that’s what he was doing folks and it’s not his fault that the rules of personal space changed. That’s basically like a guy masturbating in the theater saying it’s not his fault but rather that director’s fault for putting women and men with breasts in the film and if the rules surrounding public masturbation wouldn’t have changed it would be fine. It’s not fine, I’m trying to watch Avengers Endgame and you’re ruining it by telling Captain America that you want him to be bad boy! And these rules have never really changed. Don’t masturbate in a theater and respect personal space. Not everyone’s a hugger or a tugger.

Now I mentioned Biden’s Crime Bill. This bill put more cops on the streets, increased prison sentences and made Prisons for Profit as sexy as an old man sniffing someone’s head. To us pleabs that’s horrible but to someone like Biden, that’s the hottest thing in the world. Biden’s Crime Bill is the largest bill of this type in the history of America. Not only did it reinforce the Drug War and increase mass incarcerations but it also took away Higher Education for Prisoners. Which is just one step closer to an IQ based prison system. And the IQ is controlled by what Biden wants you learn. Which goes to show that Biden doesn’t even care about personal space in your brain!

Biden worked with Senator Strom Thurmond to push the bill that led to civil asset forfeiture which basically let cops take your stuff. That’s probably why cops these days have a utility belt and a utility vest. So when they take things from you they can just add it the list of things they have to carry. Joe Biden claims one of his heroes is Dr. King, but he’s written bills that have put people like Dr. King in prison, for longer periods of time and made sure they have to keep going back by taking access to their rehabilitation away. He’s apologized for this too, but has not really done anything to reform these rules since they’re still in effect.

Once again Biden’s critique of the younger generation is proven false when the Black Lives Matter movement has gain a lot of traction in talking about police brutality and the prison industrial complex. Come on Joe, pay a little attention here! Beside when you were at Kent State, I’m sure you heard about Black Panthers, both the political party and the comic book! They both talked about how giving the police more power could lead to profiteering off injustice.

Biden was also a strong support of the Iraq War. Again he says that made a mistake but pulling the troops out would be a bad idea and setting a deadline to get them out would mean America’s enemies would wait for the perfect opportunity to reprise themselves. The real question is why does America have all these enemies? Joe Biden’s America isn’t something we want to see or anyone should be jealous of. Joe Biden’s America is one where silence is treasured and personal space is only violated when someone is inside another person. That’s a weird America to belong to. That’s a very senile America to belong to.

Biden’s problems go even further back than the 80s. In ’76 Biden told a crowd of 5th grade white kids that black kids don’t want to be at their school as much they don’t want the black kids to be there. It’s not their fault it’s just law that’s trying to correct racial inequality. He argued about desegregation on NPR saying it was “a rejection to the black awarenesses concept!” Basically saying that if you integrate black & white people into the same school black people loose their identity instead of the reality being that white kids would learn black kids were not vicious stereotypes and vice versa. Then they’d learn that shitty Neo-liberal economic principles and a vast amount of greed from people like Biden is the reason people are divided by their identities. I mean really Biden might as well have said “It’ll be a race war!”

But we should forgive Biden, because he hugged Obama once. And said really nice things about Dr. King. He’s got the “I know a black guy” excuse. I’m fairly we just tracked down how this excuse came into fashion! Like Biden said he’s been a fan of Dr. King since ’72, and which means that Dr. King was probably a secret segregationist…very similar to how Obama was a secret Muslim.

So who are you really voting for when you vote for Joe Biden? You’re voting for an out of touch old man, who thinks his horrific record is something he is proud of but will apologize to get your votes. He’s a trickster, a huckster that will say anything to get you to say that you love him, but do none of what you ask. He’s an angry old man that can’t handle that the world has changed. He can’t handle that youth are getting informed and want you act on what you say and learn what an apology is! Joe Biden is no different than Trump in a lot of senses. If you consider yourself a real liberal or true progressive, this is not the candidate you should vote for.  Just like Joe said about Plato, why would you vote for someone that’s worse than you? And based on the pride of his record, Joe has proven he’s worse than all of us.

We’ve all made mistakes that have hurt someone close to us. But Biden’s mistakes in his prideful policies have hurt millions. Millions that he can’t really atone for. The best thing to do for Joe Biden is concede the race and call it a day on American Politics. His hypocrisies are not hidden, they’re a neon light glowing brighter and brighter with every speech he makes. It’s time for Uncle Joe to take keep his personal space to himself and heed his own wishes by being silent for a while.