The Dispatch: The Heartless Bill-A Response To Georgia & Alabama’s Abortion Ban!

Most people know Brian Kemp as the Georgia governor who beat Progressive Woman Stacey Abhrams. His platforms included kidnapping immigrants to deport them, which was his idea for immigration reform. But now people will know Brian Kemp as the man that wrote one of the most horrific abortion bills in the history of America. I think I can confidently say he’s kidnapped women’s rights.

Kemp’s bill, known as the heartbeat bill, takes the accepted term of getting an abortion from 20 weeks to 6 weeks. That’s a month and half! You’re not even supposed to tell people you’re pregnant at that point. And in some cases women’s bodies don’t even tell them that they’re pregnant at this point. That’s just biology playing it safe and making sure everyone doesn’t get their hopes up, but now I guess hope doesn’t really matter. Brian Kemp’s bill kidnapped hope.

But don’t worry ladies, men like Brian Kemp know when you’re pregnant. See they have a super huge man brain with super high capacity functions that allow him to read your body signs as clear as he reads the Bible. I think this is an awful bill and if men like Brian Kemp want to write bills controlling women’s bodies, then he should be able point out where the clitoris and know what it is. If you can pass a basic biology exam then you can write bills controlling the biology of an entire gender. Also you have to define what consent is, because passing bills like this shows you don’t know what the fuck that means, especially since 56% of people in Georgia were against this bill.

Kemp’s bill also classifies abortions and miscarriages as murder! And if a doctor helps these women they are also charged with the same crime. This can include jail time of 1-10 years, primarily for the doctors! So now we’re going to be in a deeper healthcare crisis because we won’t have doctors that want to help save lives, but rather be restricted by the government. Maybe this is just a way to subvert the Medicare for All bill. Don’t help with healthcare, but when people die because they don’t have insurance just make more people! Don’t worry it’ll be mandatory!

Wait so you’re going to classify a miscarriage as murder, but when a cop fires on an innocent civilian that’s just job stress? Abortion is murder but war criminals who justify the murder of hundreds and thousands by screaming terrorism or nationalism those people are considered Presidential Candidates? What about poor folks that can’t afford any healthcare and die because of issues they can’t go to a hospital for? Those folks are considered victims of their of own pre-existing conditions, so these elites don’t have to care about them. But the removal of cluster of cells is a capital punishment. That means with every scratch of our noses we’ll be headed to prison for a decade.

The bill is claiming that the fetus is a real person. The folks advocating the Heartbeat Bill are unequivocally saying yes. But this is a debate in our society that’s been raging for years. To some folks, including myself, say the conscious mind makes you a full person. And if that’s the case then that would mean that Brian Kemp and of the like mind aren’t people.

Some argue life occurs when the sperm touches the egg. By the way, we’re not really sure if the sperm asked consent for touching the egg, but I’m sure the Republican Party doesn’t care. Also with that in mind, we can very easily say that Joe Biden is the Sperm of Presidential Candidates. That’s about the only biology they want to follow. But as I previously pointed out, this criminalizes the pregnant mother who is also a person that has the right to choose what she can and can’t do with her body. Defining personhood for the fetus that hasn’t developed it’s consciousness takes rights away from both potential parents and the doctors who have!

Governor Kemp and of the like say this is for the sanctity of life. Yet, they don’t want to help the lives of people who are addicted to opioids or any other drug. They don’t want to write a healthcare bill that would help thousands of Americans get healthcare, including these mothers who can’t afford the cost of child birth. If you really cared about life you offer programs that would help with the cost of child-birth and then raising a child while working 3 jobs and making less than a livable wage. They’d push for corporations to offer paid maternity and paternity leave, but they don’t. Those words aren’t even on their lips! Arguments like these don’t cherish life, but rather treat it as a punishment to push some Puritanical censorship of enjoying sex. And if you’re not enjoying sex can you really say you’re living?

I can unequivocally say no.

The only exceptions in this bill are to rape or incest, pending there is a police report. Well I hope this means that there’s not going to stigma attached to being a rape victim then. Does Kemp intend on outlawing stigmatizing rape victims under penalty of at least a year in prison? I know that sounds harsh, but we’re all knee deep in a harshness with the existence of bills like this in Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and Ohio. But fear not folks, it can get harsher, because Alabama’s HB314 ensures that it will be repealing the rape & incest exception, because, and I’m paraphrasing here a little bit, “Fuck ‘em”. I believe this bill is also trying to remove the word consent from all dictionaries in Alabaman libraries. Basically the Republicans are creating a job to go in with a sharpie and back out that word.

I really hate it when people live up to their stereotypes and with this bill, some of the South just did. Even conservatives in the UK think this bill is harsh and regressive. We recently saw Ben Shapiro end an interview with Conservative BBC anchor Andrew Neil who addressed that bills like this take us back to the Dark Ages. And Shapiro’s response was the same as a child who doesn’t want to eat their broccoli at dinner. I think that clip proves we need to have abortions. We need better quality humans rather than just pumping out as many as we can and hope for the best.

Look human beings are arrogant creatures that have been aborting things for years! Our constant deforestation and need for oil has led to a shift in the climate that has cause the extinction of an incredible amount of species. And what is extinction if not the abortion of an entire species. And right wingers like Kemp are of deforestation and champion the right to do this. So in a way they’re for abortion just for the planet and it’s non-human species!

These Heartbeat Bills aren’t about the sanctity of life or personhood for the fetus or protecting anyone. It’s about control and dominance. It’s uncaring and heartless. So how can you advocate for heartbeats when you don’t even have a heart for the people?