Cleansing Your Life With Jehovah

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When I was a sophomore in college, I lived in an apartment style dorm room. Now my friend Chris and I were going to live a few other fellas, but they dropped out last minute because their parents were able to buy them an apartment. So it was me, Chris and mystery roommates!

Day 1 we meet them. They were 2 shy Pakistani brothers that barely knew any English. This was a terrible NBC sitcom in the making. So because we didn’t really know each other, we kept ourselves and our stuff in our bedrooms. Which meant that our living room was blank. 

Now there was a third very small room next to the bathroom was unoccupied for a while. After about a month we found out that our final mystery roommate was going to this kid named Julian. And Julian was THE COOLEST! 

As a freshman I remember him dancing with pretty much every girl at the school. He was a short, black fella with charisma that would make Captain Kirk blush. He was smooth. Women wanted to be with him and Men also wanted to be with him! I wanted to fuck Julian so I’d get some cool points!

And then all of a sudden in the middle of the school year, Julian had disappeared. There were rumors of what happened to him. Some of them were outlandish like he had fucked everyone he could and like a magic fuck fairy he was going to deliver his pleasure to a different school. Other were also outlandish but believable. Like he had moved to California to work on a pot farm. Some of them were just very real like he couldn’t afford to be in college any more. 

So after a year of not knowing where he was, Julian had shown up in our room. I was excited because maybe now there would girls in our room and by proximity of Julian, they’d talk to me! 19 year old Krish was excited. This was short lived. Julian kept to the pattern of the dorm and stayed in his room like the rest of us. We didn’t really talk a lot or anything. A few pleasantries here and there, but nothing too crazy. 

In November of that school year, I had a really rough day. I went to the gym pretty early, I had 3 classes which didn’t go well and a few hours in design lab trying to fix up my projects, unsuccessfully. So around 11pm, I was disappointed with the day and exhausted from it. I just wanted to sleep it off. 

I got into bed and about an hour so later, I hear a knock at my door. I ignored it because I really want to sleep. The knocking gets louder. Nope… 

The loud knocking continues and I hear “KRISH! I gotta talk to you man!” It’s Julian. I sigh as loud as I can. I get up and I open the door. Julian is wearing a very small towel and is wet head to toe. I was too tired to process the oddity of this. 

Hey man,” he starts, “Sorry to wake you up, but I just wanted to say that I’m cleansing my life right now. I’m sorry about the mess in the living room but I’m figuring out what to keep and what to remove and get my life back in shape. I don’t want to disrespect you with the mess.

He had moved pretty much all the contents of his room on to the living room and the couch. 

Julian, it’s fine,” I replied, “You do what you have to do. I’m going to sleep. Just take care of what you need, it’s all good.” 

I shut the door. I go to bed. Another hour or so goes by and there’s another knock at the door. So it’s about 1:30am. “Krish, it’s Julian!” *SIGH*. 

I open the door. He’s still wearing the tiny towel and now is somehow wetter than before. “What’s going on man?” I ask out of exhaustion. 

I just wanted to apologize for the interruption earlier. See I believe in the god Jehovah and he needs to cleanse my life and start a new. So I felt bad that I woke you up so I wanted to apologize and cleanse our plate! I think that’s what Jehovah would want me to do!

Do you think Jehovah could’ve waited till the morning to apologize, because you’re still kinda doin’ it? I’ve never understood why Gods can’t wait till like noon to do stuff. Why do we need to do all the rituals and prayers and atonement so early!? Look if it’s about sunrise, the sun is also just waking up and here we are, some hairless primates throwing chants before the sun has even had the opportunity to have its first cup of coffee. 

I didn’t say that to Julian. I looked over at him said, “It’s all good. All is forgiven. I just need to sleep man.” 

Yeah, it’s just, I’m trying to get my life right so I know Jehovah would want me to apologize about the earlier interruption so that’s my bad!” 

It’s fine, Julian. I’m going to go back to sleep now!

I got back into bed. Another hour or so passes and I hear ANOTHER knock on the door. It’s now 4am. I jump out of bed, very frustrated and I open the door saying “Julian, whatever it is it’s fine…” It’s not Julian. It’s 2 security guards from the campus. 

The first one asks, “Where’s the knife!?!

The second one asks, as he rummaging through Julian’s things, “Where’s Julian?!

They kept asking that over and over again for a minute or two. I eventually gathered enough of myself to respond: “I don’t know anything about a knife! I don’t know where Julian is. I haven’t seen him for a few hours!

Officer 1 says, “We got a call about him and him potentially having a knife of some kind!

Sorry officer, I don’t know what’s going on. I just want to sleep!” 

They left. I went back to bed. At 9am I get a phone call. It’s Don Tresler. He was the Drug & Alcohol counselor on campus and just overall a really great guy. He’s passed away since, and he’s always missed. Don was super nice, super patient guy that had his own past and history. But he was always there for the kids when they needed him. He told me to come meet me at his office at my earliest convenience. 

I got there 2 hours later. It was a slow morning. I had 2 classes that day. One at 1pm and another at 6pm. I was prepping for another long day. I got into Don’s office and sat down with him. 

Long night huh?” he started. 

You could say that!” I responded. 

Well then I don’t want to keep you too long. I know you had some interactions with Julian last night. Here’s the situation, he hasn’t been taking his medication and he’s experiencing some symptoms. We’re not sure exactly where he is but we’re working on that, but we think he’s ok. I don’t think he’s a danger to you, your roommates or himself. He’s just overwhelmed, not medicated and acting strange.

Don, I don’t think he’s a danger to me either. I hope he’s ok. I’m not upset with him, I’m just very tired.

I know. I’ve emailed your professors today and informed them of your situation, so you’re excused from your classes. You have a little leeway on your assignments this week. Go and get some rest.

I thanked Don and shook his hand and headed back to room, wondering what happened to Julian. I ate some lunch and then I passed out for pretty much the rest of the day. Stress of any kind really takes a toll on your body and mind. Sometimes you need to hibernate for a day and get your brain back to its best shape.

A few months go by since this incident. It’s April. My friend’s boyfriend was in town and he was training to be an MMA fighter. He found out I worked out and wanted to do a work out regimen with me. This would turnout to be a real bad idea! If an MMA trainer wants to workout with you, go ahead and say no and move on with your life, because they don’t hold back. 

We worked on abs and back that day. There was point where he said he can hang me by legs on the pull up bars and I can do crunches upside down. I looked at him and said “Why don’t we take one of these 10 pound disc weights and frisbee it at my skull and we can just be done with it! Death needs no six packs!” 

So after about 2 hours, a shower, and lunch, I was sore and moving slowly. My stomach had been acting up since the workout and it was the first day of Spring Break. I was planning on going home that night and had to pack up a few things before my parents would pick me up. 

As got back into the dorm room, I see Julian in the living room. We said hello, had a bit of small talk and it seemed like things were going better for him. He told me he was packing up and going back home to New Jersey. I wished him luck. I got into my room. My stomach gurgled, I bent over to pick my bag and I shit myself.  

Now I’m a difficult spot. Julian’s room right next to bathroom. I hadn’t seen him in months and our last interaction was strange. We hadn’t really addressed it and now didn’t seem like a great time because I had defecated myself. Then I heard Don Tressler in the room too. I guess Don was helping him pack up. 

I’m starting to panic because I have to clean myself up but I also don’t want to make it look weird when I got out there. So I wait by the door for them to be out of the living room and grab a towel and run into the bathroom. And right before I get into the bathroom Julian stops me! 

Hey man, I never really properly apologized to you about what happened a few months back. I’m sorry man. I wasn’t in the right headspace and I shouldn’t have taken it out on you in any way.

No worries, all good here. I have to go to the bathroom so I’m going to…

Yeah, I just feel really bad about it.

All good! I just need to go to the bathroom now so…

Look I know I don’t need to be forgiven but I wanted to apologize regardless. It wasn’t cool and I’m trying to be better and responsible now

Hey! It’s cool! I need to go to the bathroom man!” And rushed in and closed the door. I ran the shower and realized, I kinda snapped on Julian. The guy that was trying to apologize and work through a tough time in his life. Damn. I get out of the shower, wrap my towel around me. I walk out to apologize just be honest with him about what had just happened, and he was on his way out the door with Don.

He turns to me and says “Hey Krish, I wish you the best of luck. I know you don’t have to forgive me and I probably don’t deserve it, but I am sorry for keep you up that night. I hope you have a good rest of the year.

No, no no, wait man, I had a situation! I’m not upset with you…

It’s all good dude! I get it. See you around!

No wait, I can explain!” And he was gone. Shut the door behind him and I was standing there wet, in the empty living room with a towel around my waist. I hope he knows that I wasn’t really mad at him. I was just tired. I hope wherever he is, he’s ok and still is THE COOLEST!